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IRC Work Order No.1 <br />Southeastern Surveying and Mapping Corporation <br />May 5, 2015 <br />Page 3 of 3 <br />The AGREEMENT is hereby amended as specifically set forth herein. All remaining sections of <br />the AGREEMENT shall remain in full force and effect, and are incorporated herein. <br />IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed these presents this 5th day <br />of May 2015. <br />OWNER <br />• • Southeastern Surveying and Mapping <br />BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS N RS --../(F9•. Corporation <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLOA�f1 <br />i"' <br />Wesley S. Davis, Chairman <br />:{n {re <br />•**` -gNER C&to <br />tiVy�M . <br />•$. <br />• <br />o; <br />Approved by BCC May 5, 2015 <br />ATTEST: <br />Jeffrey K. Smith, Clerk of Circuit Court and <br />Comptroller <br />De.uty Clerk <br />Approved as to Farm and Legal S.ufficiency: <br />Gary B. Krick, PSM, Principal in Charge <br />Witnessed by: <br />James L. Petersen, PSM <br />(Drytan Reingbld, COUNTY Attorney (Printed name) <br />Qz,/) <br />oseph(/A. BaiFd, COUNTY Administrator <br />