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i <br />IRC Work Order No.2 <br />MM&T, Inc. <br />May 5, 2015 <br />Page 2 of 3 <br />b. Time of FINAL project completion shall be within 10 calendar days of receipt of the <br />County's review comments from the 100% "Paper Submittal". <br />2. Deliverables -The SURVEYOR shall provide the COUNTY: <br />a. 100% Phase Submittal for COUNTY review and comment. All submittals shall <br />include one (1) paper "hardcopy" along with Autocad files and an ASCII file for all <br />survey points COUNTY shall strive to provide review comments within 10 calendar <br />days of the preliminary submittal. <br />b. FINAL Deliverables, Four (4) paper "hardcopy" signed and sealed drawing sets. <br />Sheeted and model space (as applicable) AutoCAD drawing file in AutoCad Civil 3D <br />2013, or compatible with AutoCad Civil 3D 2013, PDF formats and an ASCII file for <br />all survey points, all electronic files to be on CD. <br />c. Survey set/sheets shall include a cover sheet with location sketch, survey <br />certifications, and related title and project number; survey notes, legend and <br />abbreviations and plan view sheets. <br />d. Work product and digital versions are to be prepared and submitted so that the <br />COUNTY or other consultants can readily use it for design and analysis of the area, <br />as defined It shall contain all information necessary for a third party surveyor to <br />independently recreate or utilize the survey work. It is acknowledged all final <br />products become property of Indian River COUNTY and will be available for use by <br />the public at large. <br />e. The SURVEYOR'S work product shall meet or exceed the minimum standards <br />defined by Sections II, III and IV or the COUNTY will not approve the SURVEYOR'S <br />request for payment. <br />SECTION IV — COMPENSATION <br />The COUNTY agrees to pay, and the SURVEYOR agrees to accept, for the above described <br />services rendered as identified in Sections I, II, and III of this Work Order No. 2 for a total lump <br />sum fee of $20,115.00 <br />All and/or any additional services not described hereon shall be pre -approved by the <br />COUNTY. Approved additional services shall be invoiced at the rates disclosed in the <br />approved fee schedule with the SURVEYOR for the contract year(s) of October 1, 2014 <br />through September 30, 2015. <br />All invoicing shall include Project Number 1360, Work Order No. 2 (WO 2), Contract Number <br />1333, itemize man-hours and materials expended to complete the scope of services. Payments <br />shall be in accordance with the original Professional Surveying and Mapping/GIS Services <br />Agreement, contract No 1333 with the COUNTY and as stated in Section II, Ill and IV hereon. <br />