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I1 <br />1� <br />1 <br />o ;j <br />TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd 1931. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, November 3rd 1931, with the <br />following members of the Board present: Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman; T.D.Yongue; J.V. <br />LeB ruee; T.J.P.Hamilton and Eli C. Walker. Also present were Miles Warren, Clerk and <br />Clerk S. Rice, Sheriff. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved by the Board. <br />Bond of A.O.Greynolds Co., Inc., in the sum of $1,000.00 for the construction of <br />sand asphalt road west of Wabasso was received and accepted and ordered filed. <br />The following Road petition Was received and filed: <br />ROAD PETITION. <br />STATE OF FLORIDA, ) <br />s <br />COUNTY OF INDIAN RIMER.) <br />TO THE HONORABLE BOARD OF COUNTY COMUISSIONER OF -SAID COUNTY <br />Gentlemen: - <br />We, the undersigned, citizens of the County of Indian River, State of <br />Florida, respectfully represent that the necessities of the public require a County <br />Road to be laid out as follows, to -wit: Commencing at Dixie Highway 188 ft North of <br />See. 28 T.31 R.39 in :Sec. 21 Tp 31 Rage 39 East, and running North-east to Indian <br />River. Said road right-of-way to be not less than 50 feet in width. <br />We therefore petition your honorable body to cause to be laid out and opened a <br />County road as above described, and we, the owners of the land through,which said road <br />is sought to 'be laid out, in consideration of the sum of One dollar to us each and <br />severally in hand paid by the said County <br />of Indian River, <br />the receipt <br />of which is <br />hereby acknowledged, hereby agree to give <br />the right-of-way <br />through our <br />lands, as shown <br />by the plat accompanying this petition, and relinquish all claims for damage by reason <br />thereof. <br />It was ordered that Chas. Kersey; T.H.Sibley and W.T.Jones, be appointed a <br />committee to view, mark and lay out said road and report to this Board. <br />The following road Committee report was received and accepted: <br />To the Honorable Board of . County Commissioners: <br />ge the undersigned committee appointed to view, mark and lay out a road described <br />in the petition filed before your body on October 6th 1931, respectfully report that <br />after first having subscribed to the oath required by law we proceeded to the location <br />of said proposed road on October 29th 1931, to view, mark and lay out said road, and <br />recommend that the same be laid out as follows: <br />Commencing at South-west corner of Forth -west quarter of :Section 26 Township <br />32 '.youth, Range 39 East, run North 660 feet, thence East to Dixie Highway, said road <br />to be not less than 50 feet in width. <br />Having fully discharged out duties we pray to be discharged. <br />Chas. Kersey <br />Elbert Glover <br />Frank Knight, <br />Committee. <br />It was ordered that said report be accepted, and that after advertisement for 30' <br />days, if no protest is filed, same will be declared a public county road. <br />It was ordered that the <br />Spanish <br />American warvvetran,s have the <br />use of <br />two <br />rooms <br />which are not now being used, <br />in the <br />Court House until such time as <br />said <br />rooms <br />are <br />needed by the County. . , <br />It was ordered that no action be taken on request to appropriate $900.00 for <br />County Home Demonstration Agent of this County. <br />