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TO: County Commissioners DATE: April 22, 1987 FILE: <br />SUBJECT: <br />Beach restoration <br />Application to DNR <br />FROM: Gary C. wheeler REFERENCES: <br />Chairman <br />Beach Preservation and Restoration Committee <br />When approval was granted on April 21, 1987 for the application <br />to DNR for the Vero Beach ---beach- restoration project, the <br />Sebastian project should have been included. <br />I respectfully ask the Board's approval to include the Sebastian <br />beach restoration project in the application to DNR. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Bowman, the Board unanimously approved <br />the inclusion of the Sebastian Beach Restoration <br />Project in the application to the DNR. <br />D. Acceptance of Gene Waddell's Resignation from the Beach <br />Preservation and Restoration Committee <br />The Board reviewed the following letter dated 4/20/87: <br />P.O. Box 3:1r -/O <br />Vero Beach,, Fl. 32964 <br />Ap9 � <br />i=lf�ri c(y P r'iti R <br />c*Y <br />Honorable Gary Wheelerr Gominissionr7 r tri C M � <br />Indian River County 0161 ��?S <br />1840 25th Street `4�95ti�2 <br />Vero Beachr FL. 32960 <br />Rea Beach Preservation and RestOT-at ion Committee <br />Dear Garyy <br />Since my being elected to the I:Tidian River CaL11,tY <br />School Board, T haven found it incre sinal y difficult <br />to attend the Beach Preservation meetincas„ I feel. it <br />unfair to the citizens of IT1diaTi River COUT11:Y F,nd ',the - <br />rest of the committeo to ha,t,e a noni3artj ci R -I i T19 <br />member .and therefore heroby tender my res::i gni-:ti(1T1 and <br />ask that you appoint a replat.C- lent for me, <br />3 <br />APR 2 8 1997 Boos F,,r <br />