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JUN <br />2 3 <br />1987BOOK <br />5,9 <br />Mr. <br />Schuler then reviewed the history of the creation <br />of the <br />golf course, starting with a phone call to him from Commissioner <br />Bird in January of 1984 and the creation of the Golf Course <br />Feasibility Committee as approved by the Commission on February <br />28, 1984. The members of that committee, some of whom are <br />present today, were Harold Djorup; Gerald Ashcraft, Treasurer; <br />Richard Schuler; the late Remsen Walker; Ruth Mead, Secretary; <br />Vic Lunka; Ron Fanaro, Attorney; Clyde "Bud" Morrison; and <br />Charles Block, Architect. The Commission members at that time <br />were Patrick Lyons, Chairman; Don Scurlock, Vice Chairman; <br />Richard Bird; William Wodtke; and Margaret Bowman. Mr. Schuler <br />noted that the job was completed and the committee dismissed last <br />December, but since they had some funds left over, they decided <br />to make a presentation to the Board of a plaque setting out for <br />posterity the names of the Committee members and the Commis- <br />sioners. Mr. Schuler presented the plaque to Chairma.n Scurlock <br />and expressed the hope that it would be displayed in the <br />Administration Building. <br />Gerald Ashcraft, Treasurer of the Golf Course Feasibility <br />Committee, then -presented the Chairman with a check for $200, <br />representing the balance left when they closed out their account. <br />Commissioner Bird expressed his thanks to those who served <br />on the committee for the tremendous job they did in bringing the <br />golf course project to a successful completion and believed they <br />now can look on the finished project with pride. <br />Chairman Scurlock added his thanks to the Committee, <br />especially in getting out the message that we wanted the course <br />to function on its own and be self-supporting, and he was happy <br />to announce that the course grossed $74,000 in the first month, <br />and last Saturday had its biggest day, grossing over $3,000 in <br />one day. He believed our revenue projections are right on line <br />and was optimistic that the course will not only be self- <br />supporting but may even have a surplus. <br />2 <br />