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JUN 24 1987 BOOK 68 PAGE <br />roadway 2711between barriers. By widening the new bridge, they <br />will be able to maintain traffic during the initial phase of <br />- <br />construction. Southbound traffic will be put on the western <br />portion of the new bridge, while the eastern portion of the old <br />bridge is removed, after which they will construct the eastern <br />portion of the new bridge. The bridge will be closed to northbound <br />traffic. Anyone wishing to get to the Country Club Point area <br />will have to enter 30th Street from U.S. #1, but southbound <br />traffic will be able to use the bridge and exit the area via <br />Country Club Drive. <br />Mr. McQueen advised that we are looking at an additional <br />cost of $10,000-$12,000 to maintain one lane of traffic. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Bird, SECONDED by <br />Commissioner Wheeler, the Board unanimously approved <br />the widening of the proposed new bridge by 2 feet at <br />an approximate cost of $10,000-$12,000. <br />Mr. McQueen explained the detour signage that would be used <br />during the construction of the new bridge. A "do not enter" sign <br />will be used to barricade northbound traffic and a "bridge <br />closed" sign will be placed on Royal Palm Place and Country Club <br />Drive. He felt that most of the traffic will be local and that <br />it would not take very long before people learned which routes to <br />- take. <br />Public Works Director Jim Davis wanted it made clear that <br />even before we got to this point with the detour and maintenance <br />of traffic, the County had some obligations regarding the bridge. <br />The County was planning to put the wearing surface on the deck <br />and put in the Jersey barrier, which is the barrier to the curb <br />similar to the high barrier on the 17th Street Bridge. Director <br />Davis advised that the Jersey barrier may be included in the <br />L 1 <br />2 <br />