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8 <br />TO: BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSION RS DATE: AUGUST 17, 1987 <br />THRU: TERRANCE G. PINTO <br />DIRECTOR OF UTILITY S IC S <br />FROM: JEFFREY A. BOONE n <br />ENGINEERING OPERATIONS MANAGE <br />DIVISION OF UTILITY SERVICES <br />SUBJECT: ELEVATED WATER STORAGE TANKS <br />CATHODIC PROTECTION SERVICE <br />BACKGROUND <br />The Division of Utility Services presently has four elevated water <br />storage tanks in the water distribution system: one located at the <br />South County .Reverse Osmosis´┐Ż_Plant site, one at SR. 60 and Kings <br />Highway, one in Gifford on 34th Court, and the Mid Florida Tank west <br />of U.S #1 on 13th Lane behind Velde Ford. In order to minimize <br />future maintenance and to insure the integrity of these storage tanks, <br />an onging cathodic protection program is required. Only the Gifford, <br />Mid FlMda, and RO Plant tanks have previously been equipped with <br />cathodc protection systems. <br />In ord r to develop a comprehensive cathodic protection system for <br />each s orage tank, the Division of Utility Services has received <br />propos is by both Harco, Inc., the original supplier of services for <br />Giffor and Mid Florida; and the Pennwalt Corporation, supplier of the <br />RO Plait tank system. <br />ANALYSIS <br />Both Harco, Inc., and the Pennwalt Corporation provide equal service. <br />However, the cost to provide cathodic protection to the Kings Highway <br />tank and routine inspection and calibration of the existing systems <br />would be $5,474.00 by the Pennwalt Corporation, while the cost for the <br />same service, if provided by Harco, Inc., would be $6,645.00. <br />Once ail tanks are equipped with the cathodic protection system, the <br />Pennwalt Corporation can more economically provide yearly inspection <br />and calibration of the systems on all four tanks. <br />The Division of Utility Services recommends that the Board of County <br />Commissioners authorize the Director of Utility Services to execute <br />the attached agreements with the Pennwalt Corporation totaling <br />$5,474:.00 to provide a cathodic protection system to the Kings Highway <br />tank and the current year's inspection and calibration to the RO <br />Plant, Gifford, and Mid Florida Tanks. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Com- <br />missioner Wheeler, the Board unanimously authorized <br />the Utilities Director to execute agreement with the <br />Pennwalt Corp., Wallace & Tiernan Div., totaling <br />$5,474 to provide a cathodic protection system to the <br />King's Highway $legated water storage tank and the <br />current year's inspection and calibration to the <br />RO Plant, Gifford and Mid Florida tanks. <br />3 <br />SES 1 Vh f <br />BOOK 69 PAGE 185: <br />