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• Xxistiing Long Term Delrt. <br />$31;554,075 <br />3:57% <br />1328%. y <br />IN ON. <br />L..Vvfl . 41 •074 16dJ <br />w� Revenue <br />.� # ° '/� Sales Tax <br />Assessment <br />.. 42.097. <br />Chairman Scurlock had two questions related to the first <br />sheet. Our Farmers Home 9 million issue shortly will go to about <br />18 million with our Gifford project, and he wondered if we have <br />been looking at an FmHA offer to discount these issues. <br />Mr. Diamond confirmed that we have, but stated that it is <br />his understanding that you can't utilize bond proceeds to take <br />these bonds out for the discount, which means you would have to <br />borrow real money, and it was decided it isn't worth it. <br />Chairman Scurlock then noted that there is seven years <br />remaining on the Landfill issue for the first cell, and he <br />believed the actual life of that cell now has been exhausted. <br />a <br />SEP 14 1987 ' <br />BOOK 69 PAGE426 <br />