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1 <br />1 <br />TUESD3WY, JANUARY 4th 1932. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beech, at 10 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, January 4th 1932, with the <br />following members of the .Board present: Albert 0. helseth, Chairman; J.D.Yongue; J.W. <br />LeBruce; J.J.P.Hamilton and Eli t;.walker. Also present were miles v arren,Clerk and <br />Clark S. Mice, sheriff. the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. <br />it was moved, seeond5d and carried unanunously that Albert U. Helseth, be named <br />Chairman of the Board for the year 1932. <br />It was ordered that the Board be furnished copy of Clerk's work sheet of minutes <br />of the Board. <br />0 <br />1. It was moved, seconded and carried that the public road described as commencing at <br />South-west corner of Y*4 Section 26 Tp 32 S.R.39 East run North 660 ft. thence East to <br />Dixie Highway and reported to this Board on November 3rd 1931, be declared a public <br />County road, no protest having been. filed against the designation of this road. <br />W. J. Grine azapeared before the Board regarding public road in section 12 'lp 33 <br />S.R.39 East, which was approved by this Board on Uctober 6th 1931, and it.Was ordered <br />that the row.of citrus trees on mro Grice's property be not disturbed in opening up <br />this road. <br />John C Ursa appeared before the Board requesting that hing's Highway north of,the <br />the <br />pavement be dragged if convenient to do this work at this time. <br />it 'vas ordered that the Clerk advise the Comptroller that this Board had an offer <br />and (they desired to sell to A. Fay Hull, 702 Comeau Building, wrest valm :Beach, the <br />O10, 000.00 City of Lake viorth bonds now held by the Comptroller as security on account <br />of funds in the Vero Beach Bank & Trust Co., at a price of 25 and accrued interest. <br />the laws of the regular and special sessions of the 1931 Legislature having been <br />published in the Vero Beach :gess Yournal bill for same was approved and ordered mailed b <br />the State Comptroller for payment as provided by law. <br />it was ordered that Chas. C. Kersey, be named itoad superintendent for the year 1932, <br />at a salary of *125.00 per month. <br />it was ordered that C. P. Diamond, be named as County Attorney for the year 1932, <br />at a salary of *40.00 per month. <br />it was ordered that the salary of the Clerk Circuit Court as Clerk to the Board of <br />County Commissioners be set at 050.00 per month. <br />it was ordered -that the salary of the county Judge, as Judge of the Juvenile court <br />be set at 425.00 per month. <br />it was ordered that Hattie Van Antwerp be stricken from the Mothers Pension list, <br />she having recently married. <br />As provided by haw the Board of County Commissioners proceeded to select from the <br />list of registered voters the name of persons to be placed in the Jury Box for the year <br />19329 the names so selected being listed ad follows, to -wit: - <br />1, L. <br />Ashburner <br />2. W. <br />H. <br />Clark <br />3. E. <br />H. <br />Carlton <br />4. Q,. <br />0. <br />Gibson <br />5. k�. <br />W: <br />Holtzclaw <br />6. Lyle <br />Handshaw <br />7. R. <br />C. <br />holtzelaw <br />8. C. <br />R. <br />Hindroks <br />9. J. <br />J. <br />Matthews <br />10 . T . <br />R. <br />Mathews <br />ll . J . <br />L. <br />Mathews <br />12. W. <br />D. <br />Messer <br />13. Henry J. Reed <br />14.Thomas h. Reed <br />15.Ernest L. vrinney <br />16..R. <br />C. <br />Hardee <br />17 . R, <br />H. <br />ander s on <br />18. T. W. Addington <br />19. WF. F. Baughman <br />20. L. `i'. Braswell <br />21. Geo. H. Braddock <br />22. M. M. Braddock <br />23, Geo.',i.Badger Mayor <br />24. L. 0. Baughman <br />25. Ukey bland <br />26. wi. J. Hass <br />27. L. F. Chesser <br />28. Floyd S. cooper <br />29. v. D. Collier <br />30, F. J. Uavis <br />31. S. A. Davis; <br />32. H. G. Fields <br />33. A. Foster <br />34. Hoy h.Fields <br />35. Barnwell EUster <br />36. <br />G. <br />`1` . <br />Glasgow <br />37. <br />T. <br />B. <br />Hicks <br />38. <br />J. <br />H. <br />Harrison <br />39. <br />F. <br />G. <br />Hemrick <br />40. <br />4. <br />Ott. <br />Arnold <br />41. <br />W. <br />M. <br />Jones <br />42. <br />L. <br />P. <br />Jones <br />43. <br />B. <br />A& <br />Ingram <br />44. <br />Rodney <br />hrogel <br />45. <br />R. <br />A. <br />kimbele <br />46. <br />A. <br />M. <br />Lechworth <br />47. <br />R. <br />B. <br />Lechwerth <br />48. <br />w. <br />a. <br />Martin <br />49. <br />T. R. <br />Miller <br />50. <br />J. <br />B. <br />days <br />51. <br />J. <br />L. <br />Mathews <br />