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Tuesday, September 15, 1987 <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, <br />Florida, met in Regular Session at the County Commission <br />Chambers, 1840 25th Street,.Vero Beach, Florida, on Tuesday, <br />September 15, 1987, at 9:00 o'clock A.M. Present were Don C. <br />Scurlock, Jr., Chairman; Margaret C. Bowman, Vice Chairman; <br />Richard N. Bird; Carolyn K. Eggert; and Gary C. Wheeler. Also <br />present were Charles P. Balczun, County Administrator; Charles P. <br />Vitunac, Attorney to the Board of County Commissioners; Joseph <br />Baird, OMB Director; and Virginia Hargreaves, Deputy Clerk. <br />The Chairman called the meeting to order. <br />Reverend Russell Burns, Westminster Presbyterian Church <br />gave the invocation, and Commissioner Bowman led the Pledge of <br />Allegiance to the Flag. <br />CONSTITUTION DAY <br />Staff members of the Supervisor of Elections Office came <br />into the Chambers carrying clusters of red, white and blue <br />balloons which they presented to the Board members. They <br />announced that Thursday is the 200th anniversary of the signing <br />of the Constitution and invited the Board members to participate <br />in a celebration of that date by sending up the balloons at 4:00 <br />P.M. Thursday, September 17th, in front of the Administration <br />Building. <br />L_ SEP 15 197 <br />BOOK PAGE 430 t., <br />