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OCT 2 O 1987 BOOK <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by <br />69 PAcE 712 -7 <br />Commissioner Bowman, the Board unanimously approved <br />the Minutes of the Special Meeting of 9/29/87, as <br />written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Bowman requested that Item A be removed for <br />discussion. <br />In addition, Commissioner Bird requested that Items G and H <br />be removed; Commissioner Wheeler requested that Item L be <br />removed; and Commissioner Eggert requested that Items O and P be <br />removed. <br />A. Commercial/Industrial Development Data Source Guide - <br />Economic Development Administration <br />The Board reviewed the following memo dated 9/29/87: <br />TO: The Honorable Members DATE: September 29, 1987 FILE: <br />of the Board of'County <br />Commissioners <br />DIVISION HEAD CONCURRENCE: <br />SUBJECT: <br />Robert M. eat ng, ICP <br />Community Dev dl n -E," ector <br />,r <br />..T FROM: <br />APPROVAL AND TRANSMITTAL <br />OF THE COMMERCIAL/INDUST- <br />RIAL DEVELOPMENT DATA <br />SOURCE GUIDE TO THE <br />ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT <br />ADMINISTRATION <br />G� <br />Cheri J. Boudreaux REFERENCES: <br />Staff Planner, -Long -Range Planning <br />It is requested that the data herein presented be given formal <br />consideration by the Board of County Commissioners at their <br />regular meeting of October 20, 1987. <br />DESCRIPTION & CONDITIONS = <br />The United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development-- <br />Administration <br />evelopment-Administration (EDA), -awarded technical assistance funds to the - - <br />County through the Economic Development Council to develop a <br />Commercial and Industrial Development Data Source Guide. The <br />Final Report of .the .Data Source Guide is due to EDA by October <br />30, 1987. <br />The 'EDA approved a draft final report of the Data Source Guide, <br />on August 10, 1987, with -a few minor additions. The Economic <br />Development Council. unanimously approved the final report as <br />presented at their meeting of September 22, 1987. <br />2 <br />1 <br />