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1 <br />1 <br />I_ J <br />1 <br />343. J. A. Harris <br />344. w. H. Hensick <br />345. L. we Howard <br />346. T. 9. Hewitt <br />347. Earl Hobb s <br />348. A.. w. Hogan <br />349. John Howard <br />350. w. We Holland <br />351. C. H. Harris <br />352. A. J. Hurst <br />353. Avery Barris <br />354. T. N. Harrison <br />355. Floyd Harris <br />356. E. J. Howell <br />357. F. A. Jones <br />358. C. b. Jones <br />359. dalter Kitching <br />360. S. K. Kersey <br />361. Be H. Kellerman <br />362. P. F. Leffler <br />363. J. E. Law <br />364. Paul D. Law <br />365. M. Mattmuller <br />366. J. W. Monroe <br />367. A. L. Monroe <br />368. T. Miller <br />369. IN. Be Martin <br />370. M. Menece <br />371. C. he McClure <br />372. we H. O'Neal <br />373. Be P. Poole <br />374. J. M. Prince <br />375. C. jA. Priest <br />376. it. -He Redstone <br />377. H. W. Routh <br />378, L. L. Redstone <br />379. J. J. Schlitt <br />380. we Be Sexton <br />381. C. B. Scott <br />382. A. 8. Davis <br />383. 0, L. Helseth <br />384. Edwin f,. Helseth <br />385. Perry 1. nelseth <br />386. D. J. holland <br />387. Llai' nelseth <br />388, ulie nelseth <br />389. Passell -jchrum <br />390.0:. Be Alcutt <br />391. 1. J. a&nderson <br />392. Ralph Ashburn <br />393. L. H. Butterfield <br />394. C. , Brown <br />395. Gilbert Barkoskie <br />396, J. J . Bustin <br />397. H. A. B eugnot <br />398. vi. J. Bitner <br />399. Tho s L. Burgner <br />400, Chas A Culbertson <br />401. Robt J Dunnam <br />402. kiam V Dole <br />403. C. E. Dixon <br />404. Dominique Dominici <br />405. Americus Day <br />406. J. E. Dixon <br />409. Guy J. Emery <br />408. 9 ,E.Yeazel l,J r. <br />409. G. E. Vewell <br />410, Be Goshorn <br />411. he 0. Green <br />412. Y. w. Heiser <br />413. J, We Heorndon <br />414. a. Be Harter <br />415. wm. L. Hearndon <br />416. L. E Henry <br />417. H. C. horechel <br />418. J. M. Jones <br />419. Lester Josephat <br />420. H. Journigan <br />421. R. L. Kinney <br />422. Edward ding <br />423. .Fred 4. Lhoyd <br />424, vm it. Leber <br />425. E. 0. Martin <br />426. U. We Manning <br />427. Samuel Mensh <br />428. Moses Mensh <br />429. Abraham Mensh <br />430. Mark H. MCEachron <br />431. Be H. McDonald <br />432. E. L. McLaughlin <br />433. Hunter Y-McCluer <br />434. C. E. Bourse <br />435. J. M. Pennington <br />436. H. H. Pennington <br />437. lie M. Rector <br />438. Frank hoya.l <br />439. -s. F. .Siewart <br />440. J. L. Sanborn <br />441. w. M. siewart <br />442. A. C. heed <br />443. C. a* `i'ritt <br />444 C. L. Warren <br />445. 0. G. wood <br />446. Be G. Weigle <br />447, Fred L. Weaver <br />448. Oha,s.B . Whipple <br />449, J. Y. Yates <br />450. W. A. Yates <br />451. E. G. Yates <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the Board <br />adjourned. <br />ATTEST • <br />aa-� <br />C 1 e r. k. <br />SATURDAY, JANUARY 9tA 1932. <br />At a special meeting of the Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River <br />County, Florida, held in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A.sP .Satulday, January 9th, 1932, the <br />following members of the Board were present: Albert U. Helseth, Chairman; J .J.P.Hamilton <br />and Eli C. Walker. ,absent Commissioners J. D. Yongue and J. vi. LaBruce. 'Also present <br />was Miles warren, Clerk. <br />Assistant State Auditor, we K. Hudspeth appeared before the Board with the Errors <br />and insolvencies report of the tax Collector on the 1929 and 1930 tax rolls of the County. <br />0 <br />and the same were accepted and approved in open session. Th.e udito r also ltvesented the <br />final reports of the Tax Collector for the tax rolls of the years 1929 and 1930. <br />It was ordered that the electric adding machine now on the Tax Collector's office <br />be paid for -by the County, and bill id the spam of $296.00 was approved and ordered paid <br />when funds are available. <br />There being no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the :Hoard <br />then adjourned. <br />- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - <br />rman <br />