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DEC 8 1987 BOOK 70. F�;H 249 <br />APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />The Chairman asked ifthere were any additions or correc- <br />tions to the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 10, 1987. <br />There were none. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Commis- <br />sioner Bowman, the Board unanimously approved the <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of November 10, 1987, <br />as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Eggert requested that Items E, F, I, N and X, <br />be removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion. <br />Commissioner Bird asked that Items G and T also be removed <br />for discussion. <br />A.FinalPayment - Bid for Transformer Replacement <br />The Board reviewed the following memo: <br />TO: The Honorable mmibers of the DATE: November 24, 1987 FILE: <br />Board of County Camiissioner <br />THROUGH <br />Charles P. Balczun, <br />County Administrator SUBJECT: Final Payment - Bid for <br />James W. Davis, P. E. Transformer Replacement <br />Public Works Director <br />L �W lliams, <br />OM: intdent REFERENCES: <br />Buildings & Grounds <br />DESCRIPTION AND CONDITIONS <br />The Board of County Cacranissioners awarded the bid for the replacement of <br />the Electrical Transformer at the County Administration Buildings in June <br />of 1986. The project was funded in budget year "86-87". <br />This work included conduits for primary and secondary feeds, wire and a. <br />waterproof trough for the secondary, and the termination of all parallel <br />feeds. <br />A delay in the delivery of the waterproof trough held up the project for <br />same time. Staff requested the budget office make necessary budget <br />transfers since the project was underway before budget year ended. <br />2 <br />