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Bou 0 P,,u 562 <br />TO: Charles Balczun DATE: January 5, 1988 FILE: <br />County Administrator <br />SUBJECT: <br />Agenda Item - Request <br />for approval to purchase <br />software for SARA Title III <br />Program <br />FROM: Doug Wright, Director REFERENCES: Superfund Amendments and <br />Emergency Management Services Reauthorization Act of 1986 <br />(SARA) Title. III <br />DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS <br />The proliferation of dangerous chemicals in recent years has <br />made hazardous materials emergencies 'inevitable and increasingly <br />common. Events have occurred in our county wherein the public <br />was in danger from chemical substances spilled on our roadways, <br />in our waterways, and in some cases, illegally possessed and <br />stored in homes as well as warehouses. <br />SARA Title III fixes responsibility for managing hazardous <br />materials emergencies firmly -upon chemical facilities and the <br />emergency management community. It establishes rigorous stand- <br />ards for both planning and responding to dangerous chemical <br />mishaps. <br />Since responsibility has been placed, additional software is <br />needed to assure creation of emergency capabilities and immedi- <br />ate response to and recovery from a hazardous material/chem- <br />ical incident with minimum risk or damage to the environment <br />or populace. <br />ALTERNATIVES AND ANALYSIS <br />Emergency Management Services has prior purchased the Emergency <br />Information System software that included digitalized zoom <br />maps of the County and other data base support for emergency <br />management purposes. The SARA Title III software enhances <br />the existing system and meets all the requirements for all <br />levels of Title III Planning. The software is available for <br />$1,000.00 from Research Alternatives, Inc. Instead of volumes <br />of inaccessible paper plans, reports, and lists, with the <br />proposed software every part of the information chain will <br />be electronic with the result being increased performance, <br />efficiency, and public safety. <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />Staff recommends purchase of the SARA Title III software from <br />Research Alternatives. This is the same source of the current <br />EIS system and the software is user friendly readily interfacing <br />with the existing data base. <br />Funds are available in account #001-247-008-00 for this purchase. <br />The funds in this account were received from the Village Green <br />South Development in 1981 and were set aside for Emergency <br />Management purposes in Indian River County. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Commis- <br />sioner Bowman, the Board unanimously approved the <br />purchase of the SARA title III software from Research <br />Alternatives as requested by Emergency Management. <br />2 <br />