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W <br />I <br />bou 70 PA t 731 <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Bowman, SECONDED by Commis- <br />sioner Eggert, the Board unanimously approved the <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of January 12; 1988, <br />as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Wheeler requested that Item A be removed from <br />the Consent Agenda for discussion, and Commissioner Bird -asked <br />that item B be removed also. <br />A. Change Order #3-9 Sheriff's Administration Building <br />The Board reviewed memo from Owner's Representative Dean: <br />TO: BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS <br />THRU: CHARLES P. BALCZUN <br />COUNTY ADMINIS TOR <br />FROM: H. T. DE <br />OWNER'S AUTHO ZED REPRESENTATIVE <br />SUBJECT: SHERIFF'S ADMINISTRATION BUILDING <br />CHANGE ORDER NUMBER 3-9 <br />DATE: JANUARY 19, 1988 <br />C. E. Block Architect, Inc. has submitted the subject change order <br />,for board approval. <br />Item 1. This was deducted from the contract because <br />operations in the old communications center had to continue with <br />available emergency power until the new facility could be completed. <br />Arrangements have been made to move the old generator after the new <br />center is operational. <br />Item 2-7. These were small items that needed prompt <br />action. It has been the policy to submit items such as this at one <br />time rather than separately. <br />Item S. The air conditioning unit was recommended by a <br />independent consultant hired by the Architect. Installation was <br />carried out by the general contractor as specified. The Sheriff, <br />along with this writer, advised Mr. Block that we would not accept <br />the building based on the amount of noise the specified air <br />conditioner generated inside the Communications Center. The <br />Architect and consultant instructed the general contractor to <br />construct a soundproof partition around this unit. Authorization <br />for payment was not granted to the Architect by the Sheriff or the <br />Owner's Authorized Representative. This item was added tb� this <br />change order without prior approval. <br />Staff recommends approval of items 1-7 based on the above <br />information. Staff feels that item 8 should have been discussed as <br />to alternatives, and brought to the board for approval prior to <br />construction and/or submittal. <br />