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TO: Charles Balczun DATE: Feb. 15, 1988 FILE: <br />County Administrator <br />THRU: P. J. Mattesee <br />Asst. County Administrato /`, <br />SUBJECT: SOLE SOURCE CERTIFICATION FOR <br />POSTAGE MACHINES PROCEDURE 2b, (llb) <br />FRO. EFERENCES: <br />�Z <br />Gu Ambler, C.P.M. <br />Purchasing Manager <br />1. DESCRIPTION AND CONDITIONS <br />The mail room has requisitioned a postage meter. <br />2. ALTERNATIVES AND ANALYSIS <br />Purchasing, working with the mail room, has -determined that <br />the brand of postage meter best suited for our needs is a <br />Pitney Bowes (Model #6120). <br />This decision is based on -maintenance available, our mail room <br />staff's knowledge of the Pitney Bowes System and our long history <br />of responsible support from Pitney Bowes. We would like to <br />purchase direct from Pitney Bowes without bid, this will be a <br />Sole Source Purchase. <br />3. RECOMMENDATION AND FUNDING <br />As required with any Sole Source Purchase, I have determined that <br />this exact machine is available from only Pitney Bowes. Therefore, <br />I am certifying to you that his purchase is, a Sole Source Purchase <br />and request your approval to award on that basis. <br />The price schedule offered to the County by Pitney Bowes reflects <br />GSA discounts and is $600.00 less than originally budgeted. <br />Final price to the County will be $6,675.00. <br />Budgetary funding has been confirmed for expenditure from Administration <br />Services account number #001-251-519-066.41. <br />Staff requests authorization to order. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Commis- <br />sioner Wheeler, the Board unanimously authorized the <br />purchase of a Pitney Bowes (Model #6120) as a Sole <br />Source Purchase in the amount of $6,675.00 reflecting <br />GSA discounts, as recommended by staff. <br />Z�� r'�,;c V <br />FEB 2 3 1988 <br />