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Ms. Deeb stated for the record that the only involvement by <br />management here was at critical points - the one was selecting <br />which job evaluation approach they were going to use and the <br />second was choosing the factors that this organization valued - <br />helping them gather some of the data relative to this <br />organization, and then to the extent that they interviewed <br />managers and supervisors and got their input relative to their <br />employee base. Ms. Deeb stated that in terms of actually <br />calculating, developing and building the statistical model, <br />coming up with the total point scores, and turning those into pay <br />grades and ranges, those are TPF&C recommendations. <br />The Chairman emphasized that the main thing is -that there <br />was no interference either through ideas from Commission members <br />or management level, and Ms. Deeb confirmed they only worked <br />together in critical areas where there needed to be team collab- <br />oration. <br />Ms. Deeb then went over the objectives of their study, which <br />are as follows, and advised how they proceeded to carry out their, <br />work: <br />STUDY OBJECTIVES <br />• Analyze and document classifications to create <br />Classification Plan; <br />• Conduct customized survey of benchmark <br />classifications in relevant labor markets; <br />• Develop and institute job evaluation approach to <br />serve as foundation for establishing equitable <br />internal hierarchy; <br />e Develop salary schedules and pay plans that <br />reflect internal equity and external <br />competitiveness. <br />APR 2 11988 2 BOOK 72 FaCE 135 <br />