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1. Purchase of Tandy 3000 Personal Computer <br />The Board reviewed the following memo dated 5/31/88: <br />TO: <br />DATE: FILE: <br />Board of County May 31, 1988 <br />Commissioners <br />FROM: Liz Forlani <br />Administrative Aide <br />SUBJECT: <br />Purchase of Tandy <br />3000 Personal <br />Computer <br />REFERENCES: <br />Gus Ambler, Purchasing Director advertised for bids on <br />the above named Computer and Radio Shack/Modern Electronics <br />in Sebastian submitted the lowest bid. I have been in <br />contact with Radio Shack/Vero Beach for the past 9 months and <br />had requested a quote which came in approximately $100 <br />the bid price from Sebastian. Several weeks Radio <br />Shack/Vero Beach loaned me a computer to use as a demo that <br />came with three software programs. If I stay with Radio <br />Shack/Vero Beach the programs would be included in the price <br />of $2,958. <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />I am requesting approval to purchase the Tandy 3000 <br />Personal Computer from Radio Shack/Vero Beach. This was a <br />brand new machine that was delivered in the original box and <br />I have been using it for one month and I am very satisfied <br />with it. <br />Funding from 001-101-511-066.41 in the amount of $2,958. <br />Chairman Scurlock noted that the recommendation is to go <br />with the computer from Radio Shack here in Vero Beach, which is <br />approximately $100 higher than the bid received from Radio <br />Shack/Modern Electronics in Sebastian. Originally, this was bid <br />as a Utilities item, and last week the Board approved something <br />at that time. However, it was not Mrs. Forlani's intention to <br />proceed in that manner. The BCC Office has had a piece of <br />equipment on loan for about a month with no obligation to <br />purchase, but the specs should have included the software <br />packages being provided; so, we do not have a true comparison. <br />2 <br />LJUN 71988 <br />BOOK .72 F'4GE 501 <br />