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APPROVAL OF MINUTES <br />The Vice Chairman asked if there were any additions or <br />corrections to the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of September 6, <br />1988. There were none. <br />ON MOTION by Commissioner Eggert, SECONDED by Commis- <br />sioner Bird, Chairman Scurlock being absent, the <br />Board unanimously (4-0) approved the Minutes of the <br />Regular Meeting of September 6, 1988, as written. <br />CONSENT AGENDA <br />Commissioner Eggert requested that Item F and Item G be <br />removed from the Consent Agenda for discussion. <br />A. Reports <br />The following was received and placed on file in the Office <br />of Clerk to the Board: <br />Certified copies of Resolutions No. 2 through 5, <br />adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Indian <br />River County Hospital District on 9/15/88, repre- <br />senting the 1988 Millage Levy for FY 1988-89, etc. <br />B. Professional Services - Surveying <br />The Board reviewed memo from County Engineer Ralph Brescia: <br />----------------------------------------------------------------- <br />TO: William G. Collins, II <br />ActiDW Coty inistrator <br />un <br />FROM: <br />County Engineer <br />SUBJECT: Professional Services - Surveying <br />DATE: September 28, 1988 <br />----------------------------------------------------------------- <br />DESCRIPTION AND CONDITIONS <br />The Engineering Division is having difficulty hiring and <br />retaining qualified surveyors, consequently there is a <br />substantial backlog in surveying related projects. Until such <br />time as an additional crew can be hired, it is essential that <br />temporary professional services from a private firm be utilized. <br />N <br />OCT2 Poor.F,,,r. [,;- 99 <br />