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1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />1 <br />MO��Y, MAY 16th 1932. <br />_. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court mouse in Vero Beach, on Monday May 16th 1932, at 10 o'clock A.M.with the <br />following members of the Board present: Albert 0. Helseth, Chaiiman; J. D. Yongue; <br />J.W.LaBrueo; J.J.P.Hamilton and Eli C. Walker. Also present were Miles Warren, Clerk <br />and Clark S. Rice, 'Sheriff. <br />It was ordered that Tax Certificate #400 sale of July 1926 be sold for the sum of <br />$49.43 for taxes and cost, upon approval of such amount by the State Comptroller. <br />It was moved by Commissioner Walker, seconded by Commissioner LaBruce, and carried, <br />that action be deferred on Tax Collector or his official bonds for alleged shortage <br />appearing in State Auditor's report recently filed. <br />It was ordered the Clerk write the Governor and ascertain whether or not he has <br />requested the Tax Collector to file additional bond in the sum of $10,000.00 as requester <br />by the Board. <br />It was ordered that the -Deputy Registration officers -in the various precincts be <br />paid the sum of 25je for each name of person so registered upon the Supervisor of Regis- <br />tration submitting certificate as to the number so registered by each Deputy Registrati <br />officer. <br />The Clerk announced the sum of $1,888.00 had been collected as filing fees from the <br />various candidates, which had been placed in the regular County Depository in the <br />Revenue Fund in compliance with instructions from the Board heretofore made. <br />It was ordered the Vero Planing Mill Co., construct not over 18 additional ballot <br />boxes for a price of $2.50 for the large ones and $2.00 for the smaller ones. <br />It appearing that the following named persons have complied with the provisions of <br />law, and filed the oath and paid the assessment made by the County Democratic Executive <br />Committee, more than. 25 days prior to the primary election and also said candidates <br />having filed their first campaign expense statement as required by law between the dates <br />of May 8th and May 13th 1932 inclusive and it appearing they are otherwise qualified,it <br />was ordered,- ble following names be printed on the official ballot for the primary to be <br />held Tuesday, June 7th 1932, as follows, to -wit: <br />STATE SENATOR, 33rd DISTRICT. <br />C. F. Raulerson <br />A. W. Young <br />REPRESENT.ATIV.E IN THE %EGISLATURE. <br />Alex MacWilliam <br />Eli C. Walker <br />PROSECUTING ATTOMMY COUNTY COURT. <br />0. Os 'Sumer <br />Gus A Tomlinson <br />Geo. W. Walters <br />COU14TTY JUDGE. <br />Otis M. Cobb <br />C. P. Diamond <br />SHER IFF. <br />Julius S. Barker <br />William Frick <br />E. W. <br />Knight <br />J. D. <br />Lunsford <br />H. A. <br />Pratte <br />Clark <br />S. Rice <br />J. H. <br />Sutherland <br />C1ZRR CIRCUIT COURT, <br />Douglas Baker <br />E. G. Franks <br />Miles Warren <br />TAX ASSESSOR. <br />W. R. Duncan <br />Geo, T. Tippin <br />TAX COILECTOR <br />