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I� <br />1 <br />National office, who have been properly certified to this Board by the Secretary of <br />State, and that the ballot boxes be prepared for such primary election to be held the <br />� first Tuesday in June 1932. <br />As provided by law, the Board proeeeded to select the persons to serve as Inspectors <br />and Clerk of election at the various precincts, and designating the polling place of the <br />several precincts, to -wit: - <br />Precinct No.l: Roseland. <br />L.-.Ashburner; Minnie Hammond W <br />Hammond -and Florence Fear, Inspectors and W..Holtzclaw, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Community Hall. <br />Precinct No. 2:Sebastian. <br />Elizebeth Rose; Bammer Lawson and R.A. ble, Inspectors and Paul Kroegel, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Community Hall. <br />Precinct No. 3: Wabasso <br />Geo. -Sears; T.R.Csdenhead and P.B.Gallag er, nspectors and W.L.Leisher, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Central Garage. <br />Precinct No. 4: Winter Beach. <br />G A*-1cJu.rikin; *W*Aridrewaf-and S.R.Ham lion, Inspectors and T.W.McCullers, Clerk. <br />Voting place: School House. <br />Precinct No. b: North Vero Beach. <br />A T.Pieterson; Clyde Evans; and T.B.Hogansp Inspectors and Ules MoNeece, Clerk. <br />Voting place: West room of Osceola Building, down stairs. <br />Precinct No. 6-A: South Vero Beach. <br />L.A.Moeller; Donald Forbes; e1 eimandpfc®®ka; and Joe Crebs, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Beachland Development Office, Hennig Building. <br />Precinct No. 6-B: South Vero Beach. <br />L.W.Howard; A.L.Monroe and G.C.Hoard, Inspectors, and W.O.Huggins, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Beachland Development Office, Hennig Building. <br />Precinct No. 7: Oslo: <br />Perry Helseth; B. B endiekson and Elias Helseth, Inspectors, and W.J.Helseth, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Oslo Packing House. <br />Precinct No. 8: Fellsmere; <br />R. E. Nudge; R.L.Kinney and P.H.McEachron, Inspectors and F.W.Dole, Clerk. <br />Voting place: Community Hall. <br />It was ordered that the designation listed above be advertised in the Vero Beach <br />Press -Journal as provided by law. <br />It was ordered that the Clerk of each election Precinct have charge of and prepare <br />the polling places. <br />There appearing no further business on motion made, seconded and carried the Board <br />adjourned until Tuesday, June 7th 1932. <br />AT" UST: <br />C 1, e r k. <br />------------------------------------ a ------------------------------------------------------ <br />TUEMAYl JUS 7th 1932. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />he Court House in Vero Beach, at 10 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, June 7th 1932 with .the follow - <br />ng members of the Board present: Albert O.Helseth, Cha,imman; J.D.Yongue; J.J.P.Hamilton <br />Eli C. Walker. Also present waeeMiles Warren, Clerk. <br />It was ordered the Clerk make provision for furnishing meals to Inspectors and <br />lerks of the election districts in Vero Beach. The several Commissioners to make simi- <br />.M. <br />provisions in the remaining voting districts. <br />It was ordered that the Board adjourn until Friday, June 10th 1932 at 10:00 o'clock <br />The <br />Board then <br />adjourned until Friday next at 10 o'cl <br />A.Me <br />Ch is man <br />Q <br />W, <br />-------------------------- <br />