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402 <br />FRIDAY, J= 10th 1932. <br />The Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at tb <br />Court House in Vero Beach, Florida, at 10:00 o'clock A.M.Friday, June 10th 19329 with the <br />following members of the Board present: J. D. Yongue; J. W. LaBruce; J. J. P. Hamilton; <br />and Eli C. Walker. Absent Albert 0. Helseth, Chairman. Also present were Miles Warren, <br />Clerk and Clark S. Rice, Sheriff. <br />On motion duly made, seconded and carried J. W. LaBruce was made Chaiman pro tem <br />of this Board. <br />The Minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />The Following road petitiott was received and filed: <br />ROAD PETITION. <br />STATE OF FIARIDA , ) <br />COUNTY OT' 111DIAN RIVER.) <br />To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners of said County: <br />Gentlemen: <br />`We, the undersigned, citizens of the County Of Indian River, State of Florida, <br />respectfully represent that the necessities of the public require a County Road,to be <br />laid out as follows, to -wit: Commencing at Beginning at the East end of the Wabasso Bri <br />across the Indian River run Northerly along the East shore of said river and along the <br />West boundries and across Govt. Lots 7, 61 3 and 2 of Section 22 Twp 31 S.R.39 E., and <br />the West boundary of Govt. Lot 9, of Sec. 15 Twp 31 S R 39 E., to the North-West corner <br />of the last mentioned lot and to the intersection with the present County rood as shown <br />on attached map. <br />We therefore petition your honorable body to cause to be laid out and opened a <br />County Road as above described, and we, the owners of the land through which said road is <br />sought to be laid out, in consideration of the sum of one dollar to us each and severally <br />in hand paid by said County of Indian River, the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged <br />hereby agree to give the right-of-way through our lands, as shown by the plat accompany <br />this petition, and relinquish all claims for damage by reason thereof. <br />Signed: Walter Duncan. <br />It was ordered that said petition be accepted, and Chas C. Kersey; A. J. Byrd and <br />Albert Schuman, be dppointed a Committee to view and mark out said road and report to thi <br />Board. <br />It being made to appear Mrs. Linnora Snell, Vero Beach, is in need of assistance, it <br />was ordered she be placed on the pauper list to receive $5.00 per month until the further <br />order of this Board. <br />It was ordered that W. F. Johnson, pauper, be paid the sum of $10.00 at this time, <br />which is in the nature of an advance for July payment which will be due him. <br />It mas ordered that the following tax sale certificates be sold for the amount <br />indicated: <br />Cert. 1073 sale July 1928 to be sold for $128.16, including costs. <br />Cert. 129 (1/4 of Cert) sale of July 19$6 be sold for $59.70. <br />The Farmers Bank having filed application to be designated as a depository of the <br />County for the period July lst 1932 to June 30th 19339 it was ordered that such Bank be <br />duly designated such Depository, conditioned on such Bank depositing with the Comptroller <br />$109000.00 in Government bonds, and to later deposit additional Government bonds, when <br />.the County Deposits exceed the amount of $10,000.00. <br />It was ordered that Inspectors, Clerks and Deputy Sheriffs at the polls be paid the <br />y <br />following for the various precincts: #11, a e #2; #3 and #89 $4.00 each; #4, $5.00 <br />IL #5 and #6 $5.00 each and #7, 02.00 each. <br />.0 <br />a <br />1 <br />J <br />1 <br />7 <br />