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r <br />FEB ., 6 1990 <br />6. <br />.pproved. <br />pproved. <br />.pproved. <br />.pproved. <br />,pproved-.- <br />,pproved. <br />pproved�.pproved. <br />,pproved. <br />;es. 90-19 <br />opproved. <br />'.H. scheduled for <br />-6-90 <br />,pproved Items 3 E 5 <br />f Revised amendment. <br />approved full <br />evised memo. <br />abled one week. <br />►pproved. <br />.pproved. <br />E_ <br />7. <br />F <br />BOOK <br />CONSENT AGENDA - CONTINUED <br />C. Reappointment of Harold Putnam to <br />Housing Finance Authority <br />D. Proclamation designating <br />March 1 through March 3 <br />as Mentally Handicapped <br />Week in Indian River County <br />E. Retroactive Approval of <br />Proclamation designating <br />February 2 as Fred Weick <br />Day in-; ian River County, <br />F. Out of State Travel for <br />Commissioners and Appropriate <br />Staff to attend NACo 1990 <br />Legislative Conference, <br />March 17-20 , Wa! a .D C <br />G. IRC Bid 90-28, Small Tractor <br />(Memorandum -dated 1/29/90-) <br />H. IRC Bid 90-38, Surplus Property <br />Sale #3 <br />(Memorandum dated 1/14/90) <br />I. Ed Czarnecki's Request for <br />Site Plan Extension for a <br />Used Vehicle Sales and <br />U -Haul Mental Facility <br />- (Memorandum dated 1/25/90) <br />J. Corrective Resolution of <br />Abandonment <br />(Memorandum dated 1/17/90) <br />- z <br />3k. Request for Elections Budget <br />Amendment to Include Money <br />from Each City or Town for <br />March 13, 1990 Election <br />(Memorandum dated 1/31/90) <br />L. Late Night Retail Store Ordinance <br />(Memorandum dated 1/31/90) <br />M. Release County Utility Liens <br />(Memorandum dated x/31/90) <br />N. -Budget' Amendment; Miscellaneous <br />Budget Amendments <br />(Memorandum dated.1/30/90) <br />O. IRC Bid 90-23, Laboratory Service <br />Testing <br />(Memorandum dated 1/30/90) <br />P. Walk-through Metal Detector <br />IRC Bid 90-34 <br />(Memorandum dated 1/22/90) <br />Q. Proclamation designating Month <br />of February as Junior Achievement Month <br />CLERK TO THE BOARD <br />none <br />9:0,_ 5 AM8. A. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />none <br />0 s. <br />