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FEB 2 7 1990 <br />6. CONSENT AGENDA - CONTINUED <br />F. Budget Amendment 038, Reimburse <br />Approved. Hospital $97,847.96 per ALS <br />program <br />(Memorandum dated 2/15/90) <br />Approved. G. Budget Amendment 039, Treasure <br />Shores Park use of Tourist Tax <br />funds <br />(Memorandum dated 2/15/90) <br />Approved. H- Budget Amendment 042, Tourist <br />Tax <br />(Memorandum dated 2/21/90) <br />BOOK <br />Approved. I. FY 90/91 Library Grant Agreements <br />(Memorandum dated 2/15/90) <br />Approved. J. IRC Bid 90-15, Aluminum buildings <br />(Memorandum dated 2/19/90) <br />Approved. K. IRC Bid 90-31, Surplus Caterpillar <br />parts for sale <br />(Memorandum dated 2/19/90) <br />Approved. L. IRC Bid 90-32, Indian River <br />Blvd. 12" force main <br />(Memorandum dated 2/8/90) <br />Approved. M. IRC Bid 90-33, D7H tractor <br />(Memorandum dated 1/25/90) <br />Res. 90-264amended. N. Manatee Resolution <br />(Memorandum dated 2/21/90) <br />Approved up to $5,000 O. Authorize Proctor Construction <br />on jail S Health Dept. to issue change orders up top <br />Building projects & $5,000 on each project <br />$2,500 on Library projects. (Memorandum dated 2/20/90) <br />Approved. P. Authorize County Attorney to <br />draft a Resolution requiring <br />Constitutional Officers tentative <br />budgets be submitted by May 1. - <br />(Memorandum dated 2/20/90) <br />Approved. Q. Proclamation - Advertising Day <br />7., CLERK TO THE BOARD <br />None <br />9:05 AM 8. A. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />None <br />B. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />1) Paving and drainage improvements: <br />Res. 90-27 8th Ave. from 2nd St. to So. Relief Canal <br />Res. 90-28 9th Ave. from 2nd St. to So. Relief Canal <br />Res. 90-29 10th Ave. from 2nd St. to So. Relief Canal <br />Res. 90-30 13th Ave. from 2nd St. to 4th St. <br />Do traffic count at church and 134th St. So. of Roseland Rd. <br />come back w/equitable formula (Memorandum dated 2/1/90) <br />for paving based on traffic counts. <br />Also come back w/traffic flow:.2) Ty Tarby request to amend the Comp. Plan <br />biternatives.. Next•tmeeting t. and Rezone 156 acres <br />scheduled for 4/10 at 9:00 a.m. (Memorandum dated 2/19/90) <br />Moved staff's rec. w/developers assurances that there <br />are a number of issues unresolved & their being aware <br />of 66th Ave.'s future - also concerns for stormwater <br />- managemeni <br />