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SEP 12 1996 <br />POCK 81 F'A6F. <br />4. Ad Valorem Funds <br />DISCUSS AGGREGATE MILLAGE <br />*a. GENERAL FUND <br />*b. GENERAL PURPOSE <br />MUNICIPAL SERVICE <br />TAXING UNIT <br />*c. TRANSPORTATION FUND <br />*d. LIBRARY BONDS <br />*e. SOUTH COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT <br />*f. NORTH COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT <br />*g. WEST COUNTY FIRE DISTRICT <br />5. Adoption of Procedure to conduct Hearings on Non Ad Valorem <br />Assessment Districts. <br />Recommend adoption of following procedures for each fund in <br />agenda item 6: . <br />A. Announce 1990/91 proposed charge and <br />total budget for each Non -Ad Valorem <br />Assessment District <br />B. Receive comments from the Public <br />C. Consider any Proposed Amendments to <br />Budget and Calculate Revised Charge <br />D. Resolution adopting the 1990/91 Charge <br />E. Adopt Budget Resolution <br />6. Non -Ad Valorem Assessment Districts <br />*a. SOLID WASTE DISPOSAL DISTRICT <br />*b. VERO LAKE ESTATES M.S.T.U. ' <br />*c. GIFFORD STREET LIGHTING DISTRICT <br />*d. LAURELWOOD STREET LIGHTING DISTRICT <br />*e. ROCKRIDGE STREET LIGHTING DISTRICT <br />*f. VERO HIGHLAND STREET LIGHTING DISTRICT <br />*g PORPOISE POINT STREET LIGHTING DISTRICT <br />