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DEC 41990 Boor 8? Far, -L 4G <br />7. CONSENT AGENDA (cont'd. ) <br />E. New Contract for Required Improvements for <br />Copeland's Landing Subdivision Phase I <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 27, 1990 ) <br />8. CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS AND <br />GOVERNMENTAL AGENCIES <br />None <br />9:05 a.m. 9. PUBLIC ITEMS <br />A. PUBLIC DISCUSSION ITEMS <br />None <br />B. PUBLIC HEARINGS <br />1. Florida Power 8 Light's ( FPL) Request for <br />Special Exception Approval for a Radio <br />Transmission Tower <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 19, 1990 ) <br />2. St. Augustine Episcopal Church's Request <br />for Conceptual Special Exception for a <br />Place of Worship <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 20, 1990 ) <br />3. Evans Properties Inc.'s Request for Special <br />Exception Use Approval for an Airstrip <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 27, 1990 ) <br />10. COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR'S MATTERS <br />A. Discussion of Items Prior to Joint Meeting <br />(memorandum dated Nov. 28, 1990) <br />B. Rotary Club Request <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 21, 1990 ) <br />11. DEPARTMENTAL MATTERS <br />A. COMMUNITY. DEVELOPMENT <br />None <br />B. EMERGENCY SERVICES <br />None <br />- C. GENERAL SERVICES <br />Indian River County Health Clinic Architect <br />Billing Error <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 28, 1990) <br />D. LEISURE SERVICES <br />None <br />E. OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET <br />Jail Phase III - Release of Retainage <br />( memorandum dated Nov. 29, 1990 ) <br />