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MONDAY, JULY 5ths 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met in the office of the <br />Clerk of the Circuit Court at Vero Beach in the County of Indian River, on this the <br />5th day of July 1926, and the following County Comnisaioners wets present: John H. <br />Atkin, Chairman; Geo.A.Eraddock and Donald Forbes. <br />The Clerk of the Circuit Court having prepared estimates of the revenue and <br />receipts from sources other than from taxes to be levied, reasonably to be expected <br />from the first day of October 1926 to the 30th day of September 1927, the said esti- <br />mates having been properly verified under oath were ordered spread upon the minutes <br />of the Board and the original to be filed as a part of the records of the Board, and <br />is in words and figures as followe: <br />GENERAL REVEL FUND. <br />Occupational Licenses 51,000.00 <br />Tax Redemptions 1,000.00 <br />Incidental sources 1,800.00 $3,800.00 <br />FINS & FORFEITURE FUND. <br />Fines and Coats and forfeitures $8,000.00 <br />Tax Redemptions 400.00 $8,400.00 <br />ROAD & BRIDGE FUND. <br />Tax Redemptions $2,600.00 <br />Gasoline Tax from State 40,000.00 <br />Incidental sources 3,000.00 <br />Motor Vehicle License tax 3,000.00 <br />Hire convicts 1,000.00 549,600,00 <br />MOTHERS PENSION FUND. <br />Tax Redemptiona 75.00 <br />INTEREST & SINKING FUND. <br />Tax Redemptions • 42,000.00 <br />PUBLICITY FUND. <br />Tax Redemptions 200.00 <br />AGRICULTURAL FUND. <br />Tax Redemptions 300.00 <br />The Tax Assessor having presented his books showing the assessed valuation of <br />property for examination by the Board in compliance with the requirements of Section <br />723 of Chapter I Revised Statutes of Florida, and the Board of County Commissioners <br />having given notica for fifteen days by publication in the Vero Beach Press, a neve- <br />paper published art, vera Beach in the County of Indian River, that the Board would meet <br />on this day as a Board of Equalizers for the purpose of hearing complaints and receiv- <br />ing testimony as to the value of any property, real, personal or mixed, as fixed by <br />the County Tax Assessor of taxes for assessment for the taxes for the year 1926, It <br />was ordered on motion made, seconded and unanimously carried that the Board adjourn <br />as a Board of equalizers of taxes until Tuesday, July 13th 1926 at 10 o'clock A.M. <br />The Notary Public bond of E.P.McCorkle, in the sum of $500.00 with the American <br />Surety Company, a corporation of Mew York, as surety, was approved. <br />The Deputy Sheriff bond of E. L. Foots in the sum of $1,000.00 with L.A. Sloan <br />and C.B.Nourse, as sureties was approved. <br />The Deputy Sheriff bond of H. L. James in the sum of 51,000.00 with N.b.Rea and <br />R.B.L tchworth, as sureties was approved. <br />The Board then adjourned until Tuesday, July 13th 1926 t0 o'clock A.M. <br />A21 <br />ATTEST: <br />C 1 e r )c. <br />Alta <br />hairman <br />1 <br />1 <br />