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4411111111011111111.60101111-4. 2411141■Nr SIC; <br />1 <br />1 <br />75 <br />TUESDAY, JULY 13th 1926. <br />The Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County met in the office of <br />the Clerk of the Circuit Court at Vero Beach, in the County of Indian River, on this <br />13th dey of July 1926, pursuant to adjournment of Monday July 5th 1926, and the <br />following metibers of the Board were present: John H. Atkin, Chairman; Geo.A.Braddool:; <br />3.3.LaBruce and Donald Forbes. <br />The Board announced it would sit as a Board of Equalizers of taxes and the owners <br />and agents of property, who appeared for that purpose, were allowed to make full and <br />complete statements as to the valuation of the property owned or represented by them <br />and the Tax Assessor and the members of the Board having fully discussed the state- <br />ments and facts as presented decided that no change be made in the assessment roll <br />for the year 1926. <br />It was thereupon ordered that the Tax Assessor be and he is hereby instructed <br />to assess the property at the valuation fixed by himself as Tax Assessor for the <br />year 1926. <br />The Tax books being ready to be returned to the Tax Assessor for the purpose of <br />extending the taxes thereon as provided by law the Board of County Commissioners <br />took up the matter of making an estimate of the necessary expenses for the fiscal <br />year,pom October 1, 1926 to the 30th day of September 1927 azid having considered the <br />receipts estimated by the Clerk and the valuation of the property of the County as <br />shown by the assessment rolls prepared by the Tax Assessor and havin;; given full con- <br />aideration to the needs and necessities of the County and the requirement:, for the <br />different purposes to meet the ex-enses during the said fiscal year, have determined <br />and do hereby declare the following to be the expenses and all special and extra- <br />ordinary expenses contemplated for the fiscal year next ensuing and for which the <br />revenue for the year 1926 from ad valorem taxation and the estimated receipts from <br />other sources will be available: <br />GENERAL REVENUE FUND. <br />L. Salary of Clerk of Board $1800.00 <br />2. Pay of County Commissioners 750.00 <br />3. Sheriff attending Board 24.00 <br />6. Salary Judge County Court 1200.00 <br />7. Salary Prosecuting Attorney 400.00 <br />8. Attorney for County Commissioners 600.00 <br />9. Supervisor of Registration 300.00 <br />15. Furniture & Fixtures, Court House 200.00 <br />17. Janitor 900.00 <br />20. Incidentals 1750.00 <br />25. Allowances made to Paupers outside the poor house ... 480.00 <br />26. Coroners Fees and witnesses inquests 300.00 <br />27. Insanity inquiries 100.00 <br />28. Stationary; Blanks etc 250.00 <br />29. Record Books 500.00 <br />30. Advertising required by law 400.00 <br />31. Commission of Tax Assessor 4500.00 <br />32. Commission of Tax Collector 4500.00 <br />35. Sheriff, General Court Work 300.00 <br />36. Clerk, recording and general Court'Work 300.00 <br />37. Rent of Court House quarters 4800.00 <br />38. General Election 200.00 <br />39. Reserved for Contingencies 381.00 <br />Total 425935.00 <br />FIM & FORFEITURE FUND. <br />1. Sheriff, Criminal Cost Bills 47500.00 <br />3. Clerk Circuit Court, Cost Criminal cases 600.00 <br />5. County Judge cost bills 100.00 <br />8. Prosecuting Attorney conviction fees 1200.00 <br />9. Bailiff, Circuit Court 100.00 <br />10. W itneas fees 600.00 <br />11. Court Stenographer _ 200.00 <br />12. Other expenses in criminal cases 200.00 <br />13. Commission paid Sheriff on fines and cost collected 400.00 <br />14. Feeding prisoners 2500.00 <br />19. Highway Traffic Officer 2500.00 <br />20. Enforcement of Cattle Law 2000.00 <br />21. Reserved for contingencies 720.00 <br />‘,.,401Pt 1., s :...e.::.,,.: . _.� ° 4. ,w. , 'otal183?A.OD t , <br />