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st®y <br /> `°ao <br /> ° A <br /> ooepq.0�mtid�'� <br /> R° °° Po° S,° odOP° °B' q°o,}• AB®r° rhe jb e? g o ea�e :d' <br /> ,969 ° <br /> °q�1 r "P�..°,�° p• -�,p.p.R•. B dr 'a$. 13 <br /> ty yT. fir. Ae <br /> V r° <br /> A b INTERLOCALAGREEMENT <br /> yg_ 4 e. <br /> BETWEEN THE CITY OF FELLSMERE AND INDIAN RIVER COUNTY,FLORIDA r7 ° iPa d,R <br /> FOR THE PROVISION OF WASTEWATER <br /> si TRANSMISSION AND TREATMENT SERVICES <br /> 0 tis <br /> ° Q THIS AGREEMENT entered into this%bay of Juno. 1999,by and among the CITY OF FELLSMERE.a ° <br /> municipality organized under the laws of the State of Florida,hereinafter referred to as"CITY",and INDIAN <br /> RIVER COUNTY,apolitical subdivision of Ulo State of Florida,hereinafter referred tons"COUNTY. ° <br /> P WITNESSETH <br /> W HEREAS,a number or land parcels within the City of Fellsmerc"CITY"are developed with businesses ear <br /> on small lots;and <br /> WHEREAS,small lots are not conducive to devclopntent utilizing individual septic tanks;and <br /> k <br /> WHEREAS,the City has high groundwater tables and soil barriers that impede the proper functioning of 4 �K_ D° <br /> septic tank systems;and Xp <br /> p iM c <br /> WHEREAS,the State of Florida,Department of licalth and Rehabilitative Services (Department of <br /> Health)has documented many cases where septic tank systems were malfunctioning and/or improperly maintained, <br /> r thus resulting in wastewater discharging directly into drainage ditches and onto the ground;and <br /> WHEREAS,the Department of Health has determined that many canals and drainage ditches in Tile <br /> CITY providing contact with the shallow groundwater aquifer have been the recipient of slonnwater nine and r <br /> septic rank effluent;and <br /> WHm <br /> EREAS,.Ihe Department of Health fully supports and recomends the installation of a wastewater <br /> the threat to the health of the CITY residents;and <br /> system as a means to reduce <br /> yp 4 q <br /> a ' WHEREAS,the CITY is planning to construct a wastewater collection and transmission system to better <br /> preserve ly of the inhabitants of the CITY;and <br /> the health,welfare,convenience and safe <br /> " a <br /> qac , <br /> WHEREAS,the City has applied for flnandnl assistance to cover the costs of the construction of this Fd o�ti <br /> n: <br /> system;and ¢" <br /> WHEREAS,the construction of a wastewater system to serve the commercial and industrial areas will r <br /> sses to be established,thereby greatly improving the City's <br /> enable existing businesses to expand and new busine <br /> economic base and providing much needed new jobs;and o-rz 1°' <br /> WHEREAS,the COUNTY has additional trcalntent capacity to be conslrucicd;and u° <br /> WHEREAS, the COUNTY is the owner/operator of Ute closest regional wastewater system having , 1, alit r <br /> d o sufficient capacity to treat the CITY wastewater flow,and �y r <br /> a <br /> WHEREAS,the CITY and COUNTY both wish to protect the environment,provide sanitary service for 9 <br /> f scale and effective utilization of facilities; <br /> the public health and titin an economy o <br /> 1"ge.'�t y1 x r}1 <br /> ° of the Florida Statutes and in accordance with the codes of <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,pursuant to Chapter I63 <br /> Indian River County,the parties do hereby enter into this Agreement for the purposes as set forth 1{crein as follows: <br /> t � <br /> I.Purpose. kq <br /> ° t <br /> The purpose of this Agreement is to provide to the City of Fellsmerc,wastewater transmission,treatment <br /> and disposal services,in accordance with the Department of Envirmtmemal Protection regulations and other A !I, <br /> governingregulations. F'd <br /> f 2.Establishment of Function, <br /> t r,{ <br /> i <br /> A.SERVICE AREA.The CITY acknowledges that the Wastewater scrvicc area herein established,shall y <br /> be the prevailing Municipal Limits. ° ,SY <br /> B. CONSTRUCTION.The City will submit its engineering plans for transmission and pumping station �� k� <br /> If— <br /> construction to the COUNTY for review and approval prior to final design and project bidding.Such approval <br /> a'•' shall not be unreasonably withheld. <br /> C. OWNERSHIP AND OPERATION. The paries acknowledge that the CITY will own, and be <br /> responsible for tile construction,operation and maintenance of the wastewater collection and transmission facility, <br /> to the Point of Connection(P.O.0)with the COUNTY,as shown in Exhibit 1.The COUNTY shall continue tot1. <br /> own,operate and maintain the facilities from the the point of wastewater lrcatment and disposal and <br /> shall be charged with the treating and disposing of wastewater,in accordance with the applicable regulations. <br /> r <br /> } ,t <br /> Yale °' 41 1 1 - ° al ,,° ,�'}! h °�: .0 R' otT <br /> N, "t <br /> r � 5 h is n St_•° vvyt,�' ��6 e, �� v;q'°�"¢�, �~§iy'�`. <br /> SmeadSoft Reprint Date:Monday,February 09,2015-09:26:45-offcialDocuments:7427,Attachment Id 1,Page 1 <br />