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1 <br />0 <br />1., <br />Whioh°motion was seconded by Commissioner Walker, and upon being put to a vote <br />same, ww, carried as follows: Yea Commissi=oners Hamilton; Walker and LaBruees Say': <br />Commmi ss i one r Yongue " 41,44 <br />It waq moved, seconded and carried that the Clerk, Chairman and County Attorney, <br />ascertain €rom the Assistant State Auditor if credit can be given the former Tax <br />Collector where taxes were collected, and receipt given,, and the check tendered in <br />such payment has,been returned unpaid, and in the event the Auditor advises that such <br />credit can,be.given the Clerk, Chairman and County Attorney are authorized and directed <br />to deduct such amounts in computing settlement with the Columbia Casualty Company, <br />as surety on the bond of Gordon R Olmstead, Tax Collector. <br />' p � 12th <br />The.Auditor s report on the office of Tax Collectort for the Cried Jana <br />1932 to the date Nr. Olmstead retired from that office was received and laid before <br />the Board, and it was ordered that same be filed as a part of the public records of <br />this County. <br />The Board then adjourned to meet in regular session on Tuesday, November let, <br />1932 at 10:00 o'clock A.M. <br />ATTEST: <br />Cle.'. r--ke.--' <br />�rrrrw���,. �cr i�{sw.r �w wwrrwrrwrrrr wrwp�.u..rwwrrrr wr wr r.rrw rrrrrwwrwr wrwwwwrwrr��sr�.rd�i�.►r <br />c <br />TUESDAY, NOMER 1st 1932. <br />The -Board of County Commissioners in and for Indian River County, Florida, met at <br />the Court House in Vero Beach, at 10:00 o'clock A.M.Tuesday, November lst 19329 with <br />the following members of the Board present: filbert 0: Helseth, Chairman; J. D. Yongue; <br />J. W. LaBruce; J. •J. P. Hamilton and Eli C. 'balker. Also present were Miles Marren, <br />Clerk' and Clark S. Rice, Sheriff. <br />The minutes of the previous meetings were read and approved. <br />It was moved, seconded and carried that the action heretofore made transferring <br />Certificate of Deposit in 'the Farmers Batik, and the securities thereto, to the present <br />Tax Collector be rescinded and all of these securities and Certificate of Deposit be <br />transferred and placed in the 'name of the Board of County Commissioners of this <br />County. <br />It was ordered 'khat `the Road �Upeiititendent ascertain who is cutting timber off <br />land <br />in Section <br />189 <br />Pleming <br />Grant and turn'the information over to the County Attorney <br />for <br />such action <br />as <br />he deems <br />adiis'61ei. ' <br />It was ordered that `the County 'Attorney be 'instrueted to continue to prosecute <br />suits filed on account of deiitiquezit taxes 'ori the property of Florida Improvement <br />Company and O.P.,Zwope,Sne. said First National Bank & Trust Co, of Orlando, Florida. <br />It was ordered that V. B. 'Shaf_fer be paid 65.00 per month, as part of expenses, <br />on account of road work in Indian River County. <br />It was ordered that the City of Fellsmere be permitted to use Tractor and <br />blades of the County, at a charge of the actual,expenses of operation and 50,c' per <br />hour rental charge, for depreciation. <br />The several bills and accounts against the County, having been audited, were <br />examinedand found correct, were approved and warrents ordered issued in <br />settlement of same. 'Such bills and accounts being on file in the office of the Clerk <br />of the Circuit Court. The warran=ts issued, from the respective funds, being listed <br />i <br />completely in the County Finance Record, els provided by law, reference to said record <br />