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A "' vAr <br />UTILITY SYSTEMS <br />Statement of Work <br />Indian River County <br />Advanced Utility Systems (Advanced) is pleased to provide the following quotation for <br />providing services to Indian River County (Indian River) <br />This pricing and details contained within this Statement of Work (SOW) remains valid <br />for 30 days from the date of issue <br />Introduction / purpose <br />The primary purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to install and configure the <br />Infinity. Mobile Module. <br />Background <br />As part of their host of technologies, Indian River County utilizes CIS Infinity as their <br />utility billing application software and Customer Information System (CIS). <br />Infinity. Mobile provides the utility and field representatives with the ability to utilize <br />mobile service orders. As part of the Infinity. Mobile suite, the utility will receive both <br />the server portion as well as the field portion. The server portion is used to dispatch <br />service orders, amongst other things, whereas, the field portion is used to download <br />specific orders for each field rep (assuming there is a web connection). <br />Scope <br />The SOW outlines the requirements to setup and configure Infinity. Mobile along with <br />the necessary training and testing support. <br />The following tasks will be completed as part of the transition to Infinity. Mobile: <br />• Installation of Infinity. Mobile <br />• Configuration of Infinity. Mobile <br />• Configuration of CIS Infinity to link to Infinity. Mobile <br />• Administrator and User training (done via web and/or telephone conferencing) <br />• Testing support and consulting time <br />• Activation of Infinity. Mobile Production System <br />• Creation of Infinity. Mobile Test system <br />Expected results / benefits <br />At the successful conclusion of the SOW, Indian River County will be able to offer <br />customers access to their billing and account information through Infinity. Mobile. <br />[2 ] <br />Indian River County <br />Reference ID: AT5510 <br />