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EXHIBIT#A <br /> Work Order Number 10 <br /> Spoonbill Marsh Industrial Wastewater Facility Permit Renewal <br /> for <br /> North Hobart Rd RO Water Treatment Plant <br /> PROJECT UNDERSTANDING <br /> Indian River County Utilities (IRCU) owns and operates a reverse osmosis (RO) water <br /> treatment plant currently rated at 17.14 mgd maximum daily flow based on treatment <br /> capacity,but currently limited to 11.44 mgd based on an industrial wastewater facility permit <br /> for demineralized concentrate disposal rated for 2.0 mgd maximum daily flow. The existing <br /> industrial wastewater facility permit 31-FL0166511-003 expires September 10, 2017, and <br /> IRCU desires to renew the operating permit in a timely manner. The renewal application <br /> and fees are due to be submitted to FDEP Southeast District 180 days in advance, or by <br /> March 14,2017. <br /> The facility includes a brackish water wetland treatment and disposal site named Spoonbill <br /> Marsh(D-003),where concentrate from the Hobart RO water treatment plant is transmitted <br /> via a 16-inch diameter pipe and blended with Indian River Lagoon water at ratios to achieve <br /> compliance with Class III marine surface waters, then discharged to a 69+ acre marsh <br /> (designated Class II Outstanding Florida Water body) before exiting through floway <br /> breeches to the Indian River Lagoon,a Class III marine body. The site includes a river water <br /> intake structure including debris baffle, static mixer,transmission piping, and series of four <br /> man made ponds and runnels with upwelling structures and other appurtenances. The <br /> Spoonbill Marsh is located east of US Highway 1 and west of the Indian River Lagoon. <br /> The permit allows for concentrate flow capacity to be increased from 2.0 mgd up to 3.0 mgd <br /> (MDF) contingent upon demonstration of a net environmental benefit (NEB) is achieved, <br /> defined as a net reduction of nutrients (nitrogen and phosphorus). The positive NEB has <br /> been demonstrated every year since water flowed to the Marsh since 2010, and therefore, a <br /> request for increase to 3.0 mgd will be included in the permit renewal. <br /> The following scope of services consists of preparing and submitting an operating permit <br /> renewal and responding to requests for additional information from the Florida Department <br /> of Environmental Protection. <br /> SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The scope of services will consist of collecting and reviewing the existing operating data <br /> since the last renewal (5-years)and operation of the Spoonbill Marsh system,preparation <br /> and submittal of permit application including existing information furnished by IRCU <br /> which will be updated as part of the application package, concentrate water quality,and <br /> responding to FDEP requests for additional information(RFI). <br />