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Board of County Commissioners <br /> Administration-Building A <br /> 180127th Street <br /> Vero Beach,Florida 32960 <br /> Telephone: (772)567-8000 FAX: 772-778-9391 <br /> Project: <br /> 2017 WINTER Countywide Beach Profile Monitoring Surveys <br /> WORK ORDER NO. 2 (Hydrographic Surveying) <br /> FOR <br /> PROFESSIONAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> ANNUAL SURVEYING and MAPPING/GIS SERVICES <br /> WITH <br /> MORGAN AND EKLUND, INC <br /> In accordance with Contract No. 1605 2016-2018 <br /> This Work Order No. 2 is in accordance with the existing AGREEMENT dated October 4, 2016 <br /> and as amended October 18, 2016, between Morgan and Eklund, Inc , (SURVEYOR) and <br /> Indian River County (COUNTY); This Work Order No. 2 amends the agreement as follows: <br /> SECTION 1 —PROJECT LIMITS <br /> This Work Order No. 2 is for the SURVEYOR to perform all related field and office Surveying <br /> and Mapping services in connection with the 2017 Countywide Beach Profile Monitoring <br /> Surveys (WINTER); Florida Department of Environmental Protection Reference Monuments R- <br /> 20—R-119. <br /> SECTION II -SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> As agreed upon between SURVEYOR and COUNTY, the SURVEYOR shall provide <br /> Professional Land Surveying services to complete all tasks as outlined in this Work Order No. 2; <br /> specifically detailed in the attached proposal Exhibit A. <br /> SECTION III—TIME FOR COMPLETION & DELIVERABLES/WORK PRODUCT <br /> 1. Project shall be completed as follows: <br /> a. 100% "Paper" review submittal (final review prior to request for final deliverables) <br /> shall be made within 90 calendar days of receipt of Notice to Proceed for review by <br /> County Staff prior to preparing the final submittal package. <br /> b. Time of FINAL project completion shall be within 10 calendar days of receipt of the <br /> County's review comments from the 100% "Paper Submittal". <br /> C:\Documents and Settings\sharon\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\61TGPENW\ATTOO10S.docx <br />