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have priority at the Fairgrounds in scheduling the County Fair if the Indian River <br /> Association notifies the County in writing through the County's Parks Director of the <br /> proposed dates by May 30, in which case the County shall let the Indian River <br /> Association use and occupy the Fairgrounds during a period not exceeding twenty-one <br /> (21) days in March of the following year. In the event the Indian River Association fails <br /> to notify the County of the following year's County Fair dates by May 30, the County <br /> may allow the Association to operate the County Fair at the Fairgrounds in March of the <br /> following year, absent previously scheduled conflicting events. <br /> 3. Contracts/Notice to Certain Parties. It shall be the responsibility of the <br /> Associations to arrange for all contracts for amusements, entertainment, and any <br /> commercial exhibits or matters that it determines will enhance the County Fair. The <br /> Associations are also responsible to provide timely notice to the Indian River County <br /> Animal Control Division and The Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River <br /> County, Inc. when and if the Associations will have animals present at the County Fair <br /> that are not associated with the 4-H exhibitions, so that the required inspections may be <br /> performed before and during the County Fair. <br /> 4. Structurestinsurance of Contracting Parties. Any person or <br /> organization contracting with the Associations shall provide its own temporary structure <br /> with the approval of the Associations. The County shall have no obligation to provide <br /> such structures. Any contracting person or organizations shall have proof of liability <br /> insurance acceptable to the County and the Associations. Acceptance by the County <br /> shall not be unreasonably withheld. <br /> 5. Volunteers/Security. The Associations shall provide volunteer and other <br /> help to staff the County Fair. Any subcontract for operation or administration of the <br /> County Fair shall be subject to the County's prior review and approval. The Associations <br /> shall provide adequate security for the County Fair and shall provide sufficient <br /> volunteers or paid security guards to maintain crowd control, to the County's <br /> satisfaction, at all times while the County Fair is underway. <br /> 6. Electricity. The Associations shall provide electricity and pay all <br /> electricity cost while the County Fair is open as well as for those dates on which the <br /> County Fair is being set up and removed. <br /> 7. Accounting. The Associations shall maintain records in accordance with <br /> sound accounting practices and procedures showing all costs, expenses, as well as all <br /> receipts and proceeds from the County Fair. The Associations shall, at their sole <br /> expense, cause a state certified public accountant to conduct a review, based on sound <br /> accounting practices and procedures, of the Associations and of any person or entity <br /> that operates or administers the County Fair. The Associations shall submit copies of <br /> the reviews to the County on or before September 30 of each year that the Associations <br /> operate the County Fair. If the Associations fail to submit copies of the reviews in a <br /> timely manner, the Associations shall pay to the County an administrative charge of Ten <br /> and No/100 Dollars ($10.00) for each calendar day after September 30 that the copies <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br />