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A TRUE GGPY <br /> CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAGE. <br /> An. It.E G 10NS Customer Profile for Treasury 9a%acJQM r1i-Av%ices <br /> Company Name("Client") Indian River County Board of County Commissioners Federal Taxpayer ID 59-6000674 <br /> Contact Name Elissa Nagy Contact Telephone No 772-226-1570 <br /> Contact Email Address enagy(& Contact Fax Number <br /> Street Address 1801 27th Street City,State,Zip Vero Beach,FL 32960 <br /> Treasury Management Officer Ryan Santeufemio Relationship Manager Steve Woodell <br /> 0 ACH Alert ® Integrated Payables <br /> ❑ ACH Services ❑ Integrated Receivables <br /> ❑ Automated Sweep 0 iTreasury <br /> ❑ Biller Xchange ❑ Liquidity Manager <br /> ❑ Client Image Cash Letter ❑ Lockbox Association <br /> ❑ Commercial Check Imaging Archive ID Lockbox Retail <br /> ❑ Commercial Returns Requalification 0 Lockbox Wholesale <br /> ❑ Controlled Disbursement 0 Positive Pay <br /> ❑ EDI 822 Account Analysis Statement ❑ Reconcilement Services <br /> ❑ EDI Collections ❑ RegionsOne <br /> ❑ EDI Origination ❑ Regions Quick Deposit <br /> ® Electronic Check Recovery(RCK) ❑ SWIFT <br /> ❑ Electronic Payment Authorization(EPA) 0 Vault Services <br /> ❑ Healthcare Remittance Processing 0 Wire Transfer <br /> ® Information Reporting ❑ Zero Balance Accounts <br /> Describe any Amendments to Existing Services or Service Documents: <br /> Client,by and through its undersigned representative,(i)hereby requests Regions Bank("Bank")to provide to Client the products and services selected in <br /> this Customer Profile(the"Services"),(ii)acknowledges receipt of,and agrees to and accepts the terms and provisions of,Bank's Master Agreement for <br /> Treasury Management Services(including,without limitation,the ARBITRATION AND WAIVER OF JURY TRIAL provisions thereof and terms and <br /> provisions thereof relating to the right of Bank to amend Service terms and conditions),as amended(the"Master Agreement"),(iii)acknowledges receipt <br /> of,and agrees to and accepts the terms and provisions of,Bank's Service Schedule(s)and/or other applicable agreements,terms,and provisions for the <br /> Services selected in this Customer Profile,as amended(collectively,the"Service Documents',(iv)acknowledges receipt of Bank's fee schedule(s)for the <br /> Services and agrees to timely pay Bank the fees and charges set forth therein,as adjusted and amended from time to time,(v)represents and warrants to <br /> Bank that the information provided by Client for inclusion in this Customer Profile and/or in any Service Document is true,correct,and complete in all <br /> material respects,(vi)agrees to timely notify Bank and request completion and execution of a revised Customer Profile or Service Document,as <br /> applicable,in the event any information set forth therein shall become inaccurate,incomplete,or incorrect in any material respect,and(vii)represents and <br /> warrants that the person completing and/or executing this Customer Profile has been duly authorized by Client to do so and to fully and legally bind Client <br /> to the terms,conditions,and provisions of this Customer Profile,the Master Agreement,and the Service Documents by and through the execution hereof. <br /> Client further acknowledges that other products and services provided by or accessible through Bank's Treasury Management Services may be subject to <br /> separate terms,conditions,and agreements apart from this Customer Profile,the Service Documents,or the Master Agreement and that Client may be <br /> required to execute other documentation or agreements in order to obtain such products and services. <br /> ACCEPTED BY CLIENT: ACCEPTED BY REGIONS BANK: <br /> Joseph E. Flescher Ran Santeufemio <br /> X ped Name VkK& CO,y Typed Name <br /> COV <br /> Authorized' a�griatu ture <br /> Chairm n resident <br /> Title o � � <br /> ebruary 7, 2017 17 <br /> Date F �� %% O FQFRM <br /> ATTEST; Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk AN FFICIENCY <br /> Of Court and Comptroller <br /> BY: BY <br /> putt' 1 DYLAN REINGC <br />