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ATTACHMENT 1 <br /> NVORK AUTHORIZATION DIRECTIVE <br /> No,2017-001 <br /> Pinson Subdivision Watermain Project <br /> BLUE GOOSE CONSTRUCTION <br /> DATE OF ISSUANCE: February,2017 EFFECTIVE DATE: February 7,2017 <br /> OWNER:Indian River County <br /> CONTRACTOR: Blue Goose Construction <br /> CONTRACT: WATER,SEWER AND RECLAIM WATER LINE REPLACEMENT/EXTENSIONS <br /> AND MISCELLANEOUS LABOR CONTRACT BID NO,2015001 AWARDED September 9, 2014 <br /> PROJECT: Pinson Subdivision Watermain Proiect <br /> COUNTY UTILITY PROJECT NO.: UCP#4126 CONTRACTOR'S PROJECT NO.: N/A <br /> COUNTY WIP. No. <br /> You are directed to proceed promptly with the following work: <br /> Description:The project will consist of installing approximately 900-linear feet of 6-inch and 2-inch PVC <br /> water main,with water services to each lot.The project will begin at an existing 8-inch water main gate <br /> valve, located along the east side of US Hwy 1 at 42nd Place and conclude at 42nd Street completing a <br /> looped system.A wet tap connection to the existing 8"water main will be required at 42nd Street. <br /> Attachments: Attachment 2 <br /> Method of determining Contract Price: <br /> ❑ Unit Prices: Bid Items as established pursuant to Bid No2015001, and awarded by the Board of <br /> County Commissioners on September 9, 2014 to Blue Goose Construction, Inc. <br /> ❑ lump Sum <br /> ❑Cost of the Work <br /> The Cost of Labor, Contge y and CcAtract Time is summarized below: <br /> Labor Cost (rounded) _ $41,480.98 Estimated 90 days from NTP <br /> Contract Time: _ <br /> ACCEPTED: RECraer <br /> APPROVED: <br /> ..:r �at(6 CSM <br /> By: _t. _ ----�a�� �G��sscoli- <br /> Blue Goose Construction da, .E .�' A Y,CHAIRMAN <br /> Labor Contractor Capital Projects n er 1 E. Flescher <br /> 0 � � <br /> Date: t tom.:. r Date: 1 ,61 �1 0 '� D e: February 7, 2017 <br /> 0aPOdl\ ST: Jeffrey R. Smith, <br /> �rounnyF- Clerk of Court and <br /> APPROVED AS TO FC troller <br /> AND LE"L SUFBY <br /> BY: <br /> EY puty e. k <br /> F\Cfufitie-�iUTUTY-En;inecringTrojects-Assessment Prom't s msan ubdivision'labor Contracil ork <br /> Authorization No.2017-901 WN14 Assessinent.doc COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />