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AMENDMENT <br /> This amendment(the"Amendment") amends the Agreement that became effective on January <br /> 17, 2017 (the "Agreement"),between Indian River County ("Client") and Ten-8 Fire Equipment, <br /> Inc. ("Vendor')and is effective the latest date in the signature block below. <br /> 1. The Agreement is amended as follows: <br /> Article 4-Contract Price will now include the amount of$62,862.04 for the purchase of <br /> additional items related to the Self Contained Breathing Apparatus, as listed on Exhibit A, for a <br /> total contract price of$897,363.04. <br /> 2. All other terms and conditions of the Agreement shall remain in full force and effect. Vendor <br /> and Client represent and warrant that they have the full power and authority to enter into this <br /> Amendment,that there are no restrictions or limitations on their ability to perform under this <br /> Amendment and that the person executing this Amendment has the full power and authority to <br /> do so. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, and in agreement hereto, the parties have executed this Amendment <br /> on the dates set forth below. <br /> Indian River County Ten-8 Fire Equipment, Inc. <br /> By: By: <br /> Print e: Joseph F. Flesche-r Print Name: yL,, Kp,�'f., C�,�Q•.,�., <br /> Title: Chairman .••••�pti��q�•••, Title: Prrs,r)i .,� /cr <br /> v��� • ssi <br /> Date: March 21 , 2017 °= '•;Lcr�;; Date: 3Litj, f7 <br /> •°`•`FRCOUNr.•• <br /> Approved Attest: Jeffrey R. Smith, Clerk of <br /> Court and Comptroller <br /> By: -A01 <br /> County A 4nistrator U U Deputy Clerk <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM <br /> AND • L S ICI <br /> r <br /> i <br /> B <br /> WILLIAM K.DEBRAAL <br /> DEPUTY COUNTY ATTORNEY <br /> I <br />