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A TRUE COPY <br /> CERTIFICATION ON LAST PAU <br /> � g. <br /> J.R. SMITH, CLERK <br /> d <br /> .V* Indian River County <br /> y. Board of County Commissioners <br /> �q. <br /> Department of Emergency Services <br /> 4225 43`d Avenue,Vero Beach, Florida 32967 <br /> March 13, 2017 <br /> Robert J. Brugnoli, Ph.D. <br /> Executive Director <br /> Mental Health Association in Indian River County <br /> 820 37th Place <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> RE: Letter of Agreement for Critical Incident-Stress Management Consultation <br /> (CISM) Services <br /> Dear Dr. Brugnoli: <br /> Thank you for your response to our request for CISM services for our Emergency <br /> Services District (District) first responder personnel. The purpose of this letter is <br /> to memorialize the agreement for providing CISM services and payment of CISM <br /> fees and costs. From time to time, our first responders encounter tragic and <br /> stressful events. It is hoped that by making CISM services available to first <br /> responders, it will enable them to recover from these events in a healthy manner. <br /> As we discussed, we will request your services on an as needed basis. There <br /> will be three main instances when the District will call upon you for your <br /> assistance. <br /> • A Staff member will call you by telephone to discuss an event in order to <br /> advise you of the situation and ask for your recommendation as how best <br /> to handle the event. <br /> • The staff member will ask you to come into the station immediately (if <br /> possible) or at the next shift of those responders involved in the event for <br /> a counseling session. <br /> • You will be asked to conduct follow-up CISM sessions with the responders <br /> involved in the event. <br />