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THIS BLANKET LICENSE AGREEMENT, made and entered into, in duplicate, this day of <br />A.D., 199 by and between FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY COMPANY, hereinafter called <br />"Railway" and INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of the state of Florida, c/o Department of Utility <br />Services, 1840 25th Street, Vero Beach, Florida 32960, hereinafter called "Licensee", <br />WITNESSETH: <br />WHEREAS, die Licensee has heretofore constructed and now maintains overhead and subgrade appliances and <br />fixtures crossing an and across the Railways right of way and over and under the tracks and facilities of the Railway at points <br />listed on the schedule marked "Schedule A" attached hereto, and <br />WHEREAS, the Licensee may desire in the future to construct and maintain additional crossings using certain <br />pipes. poles, guys, anchors, suspension lines for the same, all of which are sometimes hereinafter called "appliances", <br />"5xttn+es", or "facilities" on and across the right of way and over and under the tracks of the Railway from time to time at <br />other points along the right of way of said Railway, and <br />WHEREASboth parties hereto are desirous of canning into an agreanent which shall cover the terms upon which <br />such crossings have heretofore been and may hereafter be made, <br />NOW THEREFORE, the Railway, for valuable consideration and the covenants and agreements of said Licensee <br />hereinafter set forth, does hereby give to Licensee the right and privilege to construct, install and maintain said appliances, <br />fixtures, facilities or crossings on and across Railways right of way and over and under the tracks and facilities of said <br />Railway at the points listed on the schedule marked "Schedule A" attached hereto and by this reference made a part hereof, <br />and at such other points along its line of railroad that maybe hereafter requested in advance of any construction or installation <br />by the Licensee and subject to the approval of the Railway, upon the following terms and conditions, to -wit: <br />1. Whenever the Licensee shall desire to construct, modify, or maintain said appliances, fixtures, facilities or <br />crossings, it shall make written application to the Railway, as per attached form, in duplicate. together with twenty (20) prints <br />of plan and profile drawing containing all pertinent details for proposed crossing work. Said application will be mailed to <br />Manager, Industrial Development and Real Estate, Florida East Coast Railway Company, P.O. Drawer 1048, St. Augustine, <br />Florida 32085-1048, along with check made payable to Florida East Coast Railway Company to cover applicable non <br />refundable application fee. <br />2. Plan shall show all information for carrier pipe and casing pipe, if used, and angle of crossing, Railway survey <br />station, or distance to nearest mile post, right of way lines. tracks and all other Railway facilities near point of crossing. <br />Profile shall show pipe or wire line in relation to actual profile of ground and tracks; if subgrade pipe, proposed method of <br />installation, and location of jacking pit, which shall not be closer than thirty (30) feet from the center of nearest track. <br />Open -cut method of installation through Railways roadbed will not be permitted. <br />3. It is Anther mutually understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto that said subgrade crossing <br />installation shall be marked by the erection of a suitable monument located on each side of the Railway's right of way. <br />4. The Railway shall, in writing, notify the Licensee whether it has any objections to the proposed crossing work <br />and if so, shall specify the same, in which event, no crossing work shall be commenced by the Licensee hereunder until it <br />receives the written approval of the Railway. If the Railway finds no objections to said crossing work, it will so notify the <br />Licensee and the Licensee shall be permitted and allowed to continence the crossing work proposed. <br />5. All crossing work shall be of the usual strength and fitness for the purpose intended and be done in good and <br />workman -like manner by the Licensee at its sole cost and expense and in a manner satisfactory to the Railway. Within 30 <br />days after completion of construction or installation. Lioertsee shall certify to Railway in writing that fixture bas been installed <br />in substantial conformance by the plan attached to this agreaneat. <br />File: 217-4-0 <br />217-4.0.AGM t <br />rise 7r77 7h�;• <br />vS�R •'1F- 0. <br />