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provides for the limited interchange of services, personnel, equipment, and funds to achieve that <br /> goal; and <br /> WHEREAS,the parties acknowledge that additional funding may be needed to achieve the <br /> goals set forth in this Agreement and that the parties shall work together to seek and leverage <br /> funding from private, local, state and federal sources such that it can be maximized for the use, <br /> restoration, and management of the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail lands pursuant to the primary goal for <br /> these lands; and <br /> WHEREAS, the IRLT Board of Directors, by unanimous vote, has committed to assisting <br /> the County with designing, developing, and managing trails and signage, and with coordinating <br /> educational programs and other technical and stewardship assistance for the Oyster Bar Marsh <br /> Trail, which warrants entering into this Agreement between the County and IRLT to ensure its <br /> fiduciary responsibilities are met with regard to the use of cash and other resources of the <br /> organization; <br /> NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual promises and covenants contained <br /> herein, the parties hereto do mutually agree as follows. <br /> I.Term-The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date first written above and shall terminate <br /> on January 31, 2027, unless amended or extended as provided herein. <br /> II.Duties of the IRLT-IRLT shall perform the following duties,obligations, and responsibilities <br /> under this Agreement. <br /> A. IRLT shall contribute a minimum of $100,000.00 for designing, engineering, <br /> permitting and constructing the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail facilities identified in <br /> Attachment A. <br /> B. IRLT shall assist the County with applications submitted by the County for grant- <br /> funding for the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail facilities identified in Attachment A. <br /> C. To the extent IRLT oversees the design and engineering process for construction of any <br /> of the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail facilities listed in the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail Plan, the <br /> IRLT shall comply with section 287.055, Florida Statutes, and coordinate designs and <br /> engineering with the County for its review and approval of all related work. <br /> D. IRLT shall assist the County in implementing the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail project by: <br /> 1) Providing consultation and funding as available; <br /> 2) Maintaining ongoing records of related events and/or incidents; <br /> 3) Providing annual reports to the County on issues of management and use; <br /> 4) Establishing and managing a friends/volunteers group to assist with regular <br /> trail monitoring and clean-ups, upkeep of kiosk information, minor trail <br /> maintenance and other similar tasks; and <br /> 5) Promoting the public use of the Oyster Bar Marsh Trail through a variety of <br /> methods, such as the IRLT website, newsletters, local newspapers, press <br /> releases, maps and brochures; and <br /> E. IRLT shall assist the County with the provision of nature-based recreational and <br /> educational opportunities such as hiking,bird watching, and nature-appreciation walks <br /> 2 <br />