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E <br /> 4 <br /> I i <br /> ��4 vER Board of County Commissioners <br /> 180127th Street <br /> Vero Beach, Florida 32960 <br /> # Telephone: (772) 567-8000 <br /> �LOR[DA FAX. (772)778-9391 <br /> RENEWAL OF CONTINUING CONTACT AGREEMENT FOR <br /> PROFESSIONAL COASTAL ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES <br /> This shall serve as mutual consent to extend the Agreement between Indian River County <br /> (COUNTY) and CB&I Coastal Planning and Engineering, Inc.f/k/a Coastal Planning and Engineering, Inc. <br /> (Consultant)for Professional Coastal Engineering Services from March 19,2017 to December 31,2017. <br /> i <br /> The original Agreement,approved March 19, 2013 was amended March 17,2015 as follows: <br /> NOTE: underlined text is ADDED text. <br /> i <br /> { <br /> SECTION 1—GENERAL <br /> r 1.2 Whenever the term "Work Order" is used herein, it is intended to mean that formal <br /> document that is dated; serially numbered; and executed by both the COUNTY and the Consultant by <br /> which the COUNTY accepts Consultant's proposal for specific Services and Consultant indicates a <br /> willingness to perform such specific Services for the terms and under the conditions specified in this <br /> Agreement. Each Work Order must be fully executed by the COUNTY prior to issuance of the related <br /> Notice-to-Proceed. Purchase Orders may be issued by the COUNTY and approved through the MUNIS <br /> system for proposed services that total .less than $15=0-00- For proposed services $15,000.00 and <br /> over, Work Orders shall be issued and approved by the Indian River County Board of County <br /> Commissioners. <br /> All other provisions of the original agreement, approved March 19, 2013 shall remain in full <br /> force and effect. The attached fee schedule (Exhibit "A") shall remain in effect from March 19, 2017 to <br /> December 31, 2017. <br /> C:\Users\tracie.mccauley\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.0utlook\24A2RBE4\CBI Continuing Contract <br /> Renewa12017 2nd amendment--Agenda Item4-11-17.doc <br />