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IRC Work Order No. 2 <br /> IRC COURTHOUSE JUDGES SECURITY UPGRADEā€”IRC Project No. 1621 <br /> Page 2 of 5 <br /> Engineering will review concrete mix design, masonry and accessories, and reinforcing; and our <br /> sub-consultant Treasure Coast Engineering will review the electrical systems designed for this <br /> project. Upon review of shop drawings, we will provide our findings to the Owner Upon final <br /> approval by the Owner, we shall provide the approved shop drawings to the Contractor for <br /> construction <br /> On-Site Construction Observation: During construction of the site improvements by the <br /> Contractor, we shall perform sufficient construction observation at our discretion on an as- <br /> needed basis such that we can certify the construction of the project improvements Our <br /> proposal is based on the assumption Indian River County (Owner) and/or the contractor will be <br /> responsible for the performance of all testing including density testing and concrete cylinder <br /> testing We will need to be provided with all testing results in written format. The objectives that <br /> will be observed and verified are as follows: <br /> a. Demolition <br /> b. Curbs <br /> c. Gate Installation <br /> d. Sidewalk <br /> Parking coordination during construction relative to the current parking lot occupants is not <br /> included in this Work Order. It is understood it will be the Owner's and/or Contractor's <br /> responsibility to coordinate parking arrangements during construction. <br /> Our sub-consultant ML Engineering will perform construction observation, limited to four (4) on- <br /> site visits for: <br /> a Foundation pre-pour: Verify compaction requirements are met, reinforcing size, quantity <br /> and placement. <br /> b. Masonry walls: Verify and beam reinforcing, masonry placement, grouting and wall <br /> joints <br /> c Concrete slab: Verify compaction requirements are met and reinforcing. <br /> Our sub-consultant Treasure Coast Engineering will perform construction observation on an as- <br /> needed basis such to verify the electrical is constructed in conformance with the permitted plans <br /> and specifications. <br /> Our sub-consultant Lucido &Associates will perform construction observation as follows: <br /> a. Attend up to two (2) site visits to observe landscape installation and wall aesthetic <br /> elements; <br /> b Upon notification of completed landscape installation, attend one (1) walk-thru with <br /> Client and Contractor to witness installed landscape material, wall aesthetic elements <br /> and issue one (1) punch list if necessary; <br /> c Upon full and complete landscape installation and wall aesthetic element installation, <br /> attend one (1) final walk-thru with Client and Contractor. <br /> Full-time resident construction observation is not required and therefore not included <br /> Upon completion of construction, Masteller & Moler, Inc. must be provided with As-Built surveys <br /> to confirm proper horizontal and vertical alignment of project improvements. The As-Built <br /> survey is typically provided by the Contractor's Surveyor (licensed in the State of Florida) and <br /> must be provided in AutoCAD format and black line with reference to State Plane Coordinates <br />