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i <br /> were performed. Copies of the log shall be provided periodically, or upon request, to the <br /> County's Conservation Lands Manager ("County Manager"). <br /> 3. COUNTY COORDINATION. The Association shall generally communicate <br /> with the County Manager with respect to upcoming projects or other significant events involving <br /> Earman Island. At the County's election, the County Manager may manage and coordinate <br /> Association volunteer services on Earman Island. Upon request of the County Manager, the <br /> Association shall demonstrate, through log entries or otherwise, its compliance with the <br /> volunteer services requirement of this Agreement. <br /> 4. INSURANCE. The Association shall maintain (a) general liability insurance <br /> providing coverage with respect to its activities on Earman Island in the minimum amount of one <br /> million dollars ($1,000,000.00) per occurrence. The County shall be listed as an additional <br /> named insured on such policy, and (b) State of Florida required workers' compensation <br /> insurance providing coverage for employees performing services under this Agreement. The <br /> Association shall provide current certificates of insurance demonstrating compliance with this <br /> section throughout the term of this Agreement. <br /> 5. TERM. The initial term of this Agreement shall commence upon execution by all <br /> parties, and shall terminate on April 30, 2018. <br /> 6. TERMINATION. Either party shall have a right to terminate this Agreement in <br /> the event of material breach by the other party. Either party may terminate this Agreement upon <br /> 60 days written notice to the other party. <br /> 7. SIGNS. During the term of this Agreement, subject to the prior approval of the <br /> County, the Association may post a sign identifying the volunteer work done by the Association <br /> on Earman Island. <br /> i <br /> F OftorneyOUAF, roammtal LandsUo Earmaa lslamd Agreemmt with CCA do <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />