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E. The County will pay for all permit fees. <br /> A. Traffic Signalization Plans: <br /> Roadway set of plans shall consist of the following: <br /> 60% 90% 100% <br /> Cover Sheet C C F <br /> Summary of Pay Items P C F <br /> Summary of Quantities&General Notes P C F <br /> Signalization Plans P C F <br /> Construction Cost Estimate and Quantities C C F <br /> Notes: P—Preliminary, C—Complete, but subject to change, F- Final <br /> The plans will be prepared based upon English units. Final digital design documents will be provided to <br /> the County in AutoCAD format. <br /> The following additional data shall be utilized for development of the plans: <br /> 1. The roadway plans sheets will be drawn at a scale of 1" =40' prepared on 11"x 17" sheets. <br /> 2. Plan sheets shall depict existing right-of-way, section lines, property lines, temporary <br /> construction easements, and centerline of construction. Horizontal control points with state <br /> plane coordinates for all PC's, PT's,curve radius,curve length and horizontal Pi's shall be included <br /> on the Plan or summarized in an alignment table. <br /> 3. Plans shall include spot grades adequate to describe any proposed grading. <br /> 4. Match lines shall not be located within the limits of an intersection. <br /> 5. If applicable,soil boring information shall be plotted on cross sections with soil classification and <br /> high season water table. <br /> 6. All quantities shall reference FDOT Pay Item Numbers. <br /> 7. All details shall reference FDOT Index Numbers. <br /> 8. All specifications shall reference to County and/ or FDOT Specifications for Road and Bridge <br /> Construction. Any deviations are special specifications not included in FDOT Specifications are <br /> required in the Technical Specifications. <br /> 9. 60%, 90%and 100% Plan Submittals shall include the following: <br /> i. Three (3)Sets of Signed and Sealed Plans. <br /> ii. One (1) Opinion of Probable Construction Cost <br /> iii. One (1)CD with drawings in PDF format,final submittal shall include .dwg files. <br /> iv. The CONSULTANT will provide construction documents and calculations in <br /> sufficient quantity as required by the various reviewing agencies. <br />