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ATTACHMENT 1 <br /> WORK AUTHORIZATION DIRECTIVE <br /> No.2017-005 <br /> 17''Street Existing Watermain Relocation Project <br /> BLUE GOOSE CONSTRUCTION <br /> DATE OF ISSUANCE:March,2017 EFFECTIVE DATE:May 9,2017 <br /> OWNER: Indian River County <br /> CONTRACTOR:Blue Goose Construction <br /> CONTRACT:WATER,SEWER AND RECLAIM WATER LINE REPLACEMENT/EXTENSIONS <br /> AND MISCELLANEOUS LABOR CONTRACT, BID NO.2015001,AWARDED September 9,2014 C <br /> PROJECT:St.David's Lane at Grand Harbor Water Services Replacement Proiect P <br /> COUNTY UTILITY PROJECT NO.:UCP NIA CONTRACTOR'S PROJECT NO.:iL v <br /> COUNTY WIP. No. <br /> You are directed to proceed promptly with the following work: +, <br /> Description: Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is planning to widen a portion of 17"'Street v <br /> from US Highway 1 to the 171 Street Causeway Bridge. The subject widening is to begin in the summer 4a <br /> of 2017. As part of the widening, FDOT is also relocating drainage structures and pipes. The county's O <br /> existing water main will be in conflict with the :proposed roadway improvements and will need to be <br /> relocated. <br /> Attachments:Attachment 2 <br /> M thod of determining Contract Price: <br /> Unit Prices:Bid Items as established pursuant to Bid No2015001,and awarded by the Board of a <br /> County Commissioners on September 9,2014 to Blue Goose Construction, Inc. x <br /> ❑Lump Sum �4 <br /> El Cost of the Work 44-44 � <br /> The Cost of Labor,Contingency and Contract Time is summarized below: <br /> H04 <br /> Labor Cost(rounded)_ $109,457.92 Estimated 45 days from NTP <br /> Contract Time: �.c0 •.S <br /> ACCEPT RE COM EN jos'e <br /> OVED: r�oJ�� S/o^✓`�9; <br /> By. By: <br /> Blue Goose Construction Arjun ragoda TY,CHAIRMAN :—y: <br /> Labor Contractor Capita ro anager h E.Flescher '�'y•• f .�o�:� <br /> / LFR 000N�:E-'�'a <br /> Date: ( Zy Date: Date: May 9, 2017 <br /> APPROVED AS TO FOIN,4 <br /> AND LEGAL SUF-FIGii:,.l' C y <br /> F:\Utilities\UTIIdTY-EMPLOYEB FOLDERS\Arjuna wi 6goda\FDO'I\l7th Strect\[abor OonXot "AA"e M 6 GW0C <br /> COUNTY ATTORNEY <br />