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Attorney, the Florida Bar, or any other such entity, with conduct violating the rules, standards or <br /> laws set forth above. <br /> 5. Salary. The County Attorney shall be paid an annual salary of $157,567.54 <br /> payable in 26 bi-weekly payments of$6,060.29, adjusted for required deductions. The County <br /> Attorney's salary shall be increased by any general or cost-of-living increases granted to other full- <br /> time, non-contract employees of the County; provided, however, that such increase shall not take <br /> effect earlier than six months after the Commencement Date, for increases occurring during the <br /> initial term. <br /> 6. Benefits. Except as modified herein, the County Attorney shall receive the same <br /> benefits as are available to full-time, non-contract employees of the County. In addition, (a) the <br /> County Attorney shall receive fifteen days of vacation annually, calculated from the <br /> Commencement Date or the annual anniversary date of employment; provided, however, that if <br /> the County Attorney's employment terminates for any reason at a time when the County Attorney <br /> has taken more vacation days than have accrued at the rate of 9.375 hours per month, the County <br /> Attorney shall reimburse the County for the overused vacation days, which amount may be <br /> deducted from the County Attorney's final paycheck(s), (b)the County shall pay a car allowance <br /> in the standard amount for senior County employees receiving a car allowance, (c) the County <br /> shall pay for the cost of Continuing Legal Education necessary for the County Attorney to maintain <br /> good standing in the Florida Bar, or to maintain legal specialty certification(s), or otherwise as <br /> determined necessary and appropriate by the County Attorney to perform the duties set forth <br /> herein. The cost of Continuing Legal Education shall include travel, lodging and expenses, in <br /> accordance with §112.061, Florida Statutes, (d) the County shall pay the County Attorney's <br /> Florida Bar dues (including section fees), Indian River County Bar Association dues, and Florida <br /> Bar certification or recertification fees,and(e)the County Attorney shall be included in the"Senior <br /> Management Service Class" of the Florida Retirement System. <br /> 7. Renewal. This Agreement is not a continuing contract and shall not automatically <br /> renew upon expiration of the initial or any subsequent term; rather, this Agreement shall only be <br /> renewed by execution of a renewal agreement by both parties. Each year, the County Attorney <br /> shall schedule the renewal of his/her employment agreement as an item for consideration by the <br /> Board of County Commissioners at a meeting to be held no later than 30 days prior to expiration <br /> of the then-existing term of the agreement. <br /> 8. Termination. <br /> A. Either party may terminate this Agreement for any reason upon 30 days <br /> written notice to the other party. Upon termination, expiration or non-renewal of this Agreement <br /> for any reason,the County shall not be obligated to pay,and the County Attorney waives any right <br /> to receive payment for, any unused, accrued vacation or sick time, any severance payment, any <br /> health insurance premiums, or any other form of payments, other than payment of salary through <br /> the final day of employment; provided, however, that this subsection shall not be construed to <br /> deprive the County Attorney of any earned benefits under the Florida Retirement System, or <br /> similar deferred income or retirement programs. <br /> F,UnomeylLindaIGENERALICAO1StaffkDy(an Reingo/dConnact(1017-1018).do 2 <br />