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Ii4TERLOCAL. AGREEMENT <br />CREATING THE TREASURE COAST <br />REGIONAL PLANNING COUNCI L <br />THIS AGRE MEDT made dnd entered into this /9 day of <br />, 1976, pursuant to authority of Section <br />163.0 , Florida Statutes; by and between: <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, <br />ST. LUCIE COUNTY, <br />MARTIN COUNTY, <br />and <br />PALM BEACH COUNTY. <br />'I I TtiESSETH: <br />(WHEREAS, the Secretary, Department of Administration of <br />the State of Florida, has authorized the creation of a new <br />regional planning district to be comprised of Indian River <br />County, St. Lucie County, Martin County and Palm Beach County; <br />which shall be known as the Treasure Coast Regional Planning <br />Council; and, <br />WHEREAS, Section 163.014, Florida Statutes, provides that <br />"a public agency of the State of Florida may exercise jointly <br />with any other public agency of the State, or any other state <br />or of the United States Government any power, privilege or <br />authority which such agencies share in common and which each <br />might exercise separately;" and. <br />WHEREAS, it is the desire of the parties hereto to estab- <br />lish an advisory council to constituent local government in <br />regional, metropolitan, county, and municipal planning matters <br />involving land use, water resources, highways, recreational <br />areas, public schools, sewage and garbage disposal, public <br />libraries, urban development and other matters concerning the <br />acquisition, planning, construction, development, financing, <br />control, use and improvement and disposition of land, build - <br />j.4 <br />r'. <br />7 <br />