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x <br />• <br />�{ k'�r.��> t si-q•�MSc-s i�z-���t��F� FZ h� � 3� � LqS d� -_ S � � T � Er �'f�i i i T'y�'-" +ryJ � 5 ri'a,, .F �s�`o <br />INDIAN RIVER COUNTY <br />MEMORANDUM <br />TO: James E. Chandler ='= <br />County Administrator <br />! YS F <br />THRU: Joe Baird t f . <br />Assistant County Administrator <br />FROM: Ann Rankin -k. . <br />Benefits/Payroll Administrator <br />DATE: June 14, 2000 <br />SUBJECT: Insurance RFP #2044 <br />Staff requests consideration of the following information at the June 20, 2000, regular meeting of <br />the Board of County Commissioners. <br />Background <br />The Board approved utilizing Interisk Corporation as the consultant to assist the County in <br />evaluating proposals for its Health Benefit Plan Claims Administration & Utilization Review <br />Services, Mental Health Benefits, Excess/Stop-Loss Insurance for Group Self -Insured Medical <br />Benefits, Prescription Benefits Plan, Group Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment, <br />Group Employee Voluntary Supplemental Life Insurance, and Voluntary Long Tenn Disability. <br />In April 2000, Interisk Corporation prepared and distributed a Request for Proposal (RFP) to all <br />interested prospective proposers for the purpose of soliciting competitive proposals for Indian River <br />County, Florida, Board of County Commissioners and affiliated constitutional offices. Several <br />organizations submitted multiple proposals. The proposals were reviewed by Interisk for <br />completeness and responsiveness to the RFP requirements and have been analyzed in relation to the <br />lowest overall cost, while maintaining an adequate level of benefits. <br />Attached is Interisk's Analysis and Recommendation for the Board to review. Interisk's <br />recommendation is based on the following! <br />Lowest overall annual cost <br />– Substantial provider network accessibility <br />Aggressive preferred provider discount arrangements <br />Recommendation <br />The Board of County Commissioners award the bids as follows: <br />Health Insurance <br />ts: <br />Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida - Health Benefit Plan Claims Administration <br />Modified Plan Utilization Review Services <br />Prescription Benefits Plan <br />Bradman/UniPsych - Mental Health Benefits <br />a%6 <br />et, <br />