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STATE OF FLORIDA DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION 525-010.32 <br /> LOCAL AGENCY PROGRAM PROGRAM MANAGEMENT <br /> SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT Page;of3 <br /> SUPPLEMENTAL NO. FEDERAL ID NO. (FAIN) <br /> One SRTS-254-A <br /> CONTRACT NO. FEDERAL,,A 1ARD SATE r <br /> G-0D81 Li/ �h. �! f <br /> FPN LOCAL AGENCY DUNS NO. <br /> 431733-1-58-01 079208989 <br /> The Florida Department of Transportation and Indian River County desires to supplement <br /> the original Agreement entered into and executed on July 29. 2016 as identified above. All <br /> provisions in the original Agreement and supplements, if any, remain in effect except as expressly modified by this <br /> supplement <br /> The changes to the Agreement and supplements, if any, are described as follows: <br /> PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br /> Name 8th St Length 2.449 miles <br /> Termini From 58th 215t Ct. <br /> Description of Work: <br /> Construction of sidewalk along 8th St from 58th 21st Ct. <br /> Reason for Supplement and supporting engineering and/or cost analysis: <br /> The Supplemental Agreement increases construction Phase 58 by$95,000.00.The revised construction Phase 58 <br /> amount is$501,467.00. Refer to adjusted Exhibit'B"attached hereto and made apart hereof which replaces Exhibit"B" <br /> attached to the original Agreement <br />