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Parcel Identification#32-40-20-00000-0010-00002.0 <br /> and 32-40-19-00000-0090-00006.0 <br /> RELEASE AND WAIVER OF RIGHT OF FIRST REFUSAL <br /> BE IT HEREBY KNOWN, that INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, a political subdivision of <br /> the State of Florida (hereinafter referred to as "COUNTY") hereby and herewith waives and <br /> relinquishes its right of first refusal to purchase the property described on the attached Exhibit <br /> "A" presently owned by the TOWN OF INDIAN RIVER SHORES, a municipal corporation <br /> under the laws of the State of Florida(hereinafter referred to as "TOWN"). <br /> This Waiver is for the sole purpose of waiving and relinquishing the COUNTY's right of <br /> first refusal referenced in that certain County Deed dated March 16, 1993, and recorded <br /> September 1, 1993, in Official Record Book 987, Page 43, Public Records of Indian River <br /> County, Florida, for the sale to Lutgert Vero, LLC, a Florida limited liability company (as <br /> assigned from Lutgert Companies) as specified in Real Estate Purchase and Sale Contract dated <br /> May 6, 2017. <br /> By this Release, COUNTY hereby expressly releases any right of entry it may have to <br /> mine and develop phosphate, minerals, metals, and petroleum reserved pursuant to 270.11, <br /> Florida Statutes. <br /> IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the COUNTY has caused these presents to be executed in its <br /> name by its Board of County Commissioners, acting by the Chairman of the Board, the day and <br /> year aforesaid. <br /> INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, FLORIDA <br /> (SEAL) BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS ..•G��SMIS$j��✓F. <br /> Attest: ��k q'• <br /> By: <br /> l Jos h E. Flescher, Chairman ?Q <br /> Clerk <br /> STATE OF FLORIDA �?o;•., t. �°' <br /> COUNTY OF INDIAN RIVER •�`'�yR!VERCOON `•� <br /> I HEREBY CERTIFY that on this day, before me, an officer duly authorized in the state <br /> and county aforesaid to take acknowledgements, personally a peared <br /> J-osejo— 't C-. Fle5 c t, and IMOJke- r) 6M , as Chairman and clerk of <br /> the Board of County Commissioners of Indian River County, Florida, named herein, and they <br /> severally acknowledged executing the same under the authority vested in them by said board and <br /> that the seal affixed thereto is the true seal of said Board. They are personally known to me. <br /> WITNESS my hand and official seal this ( day of J�"*1e— ' 2017. <br /> APPROVED AS TQ FORM <br /> AND LEGAL SUFFICIENCY <br /> Notary Public CHRISTINA M.COURNOYER <br /> BY MY COMMISSION#FF 907600 <br /> YLAN REINGOLD '• a EXPIRES:August 6,2019 <br /> ?'F ' Bonded Thru Nota Public Underwritew <br /> �CI�NT`f ATTORNEY q„�,.,••• n <br />